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The best thing about today is the increase in mobile phones with advancement. Things keep progressing with time so as the demand of mobile apps. Life has become easier and comfortable from hiring a taxi to ordering a meal and getting our communities cleaned. For vendors and customers mobile apps are natural channel of communication. … Continue reading “Mobile Application Development & its Business Impact”

With focusing on customers in business it become important to understand CRM deeply. As the reason is your company needs customer relationship management software to preserve the relationship with clients. There is hundreds of software and problem is which should be picked up? In this blog you will study 7 features that are crucial in … Continue reading “Essential Features Need to Include in CRM Application”

Team Netleon21 Apr,2017

Photography is an integral part of social life today. You can share your photos by capturing in your phone. Today many phones are having HD camera that clicks a beautiful picture of you. Instagram is leading app for sharing pictures in all over the world. According to statistical information 80 million pictures are uploaded on … Continue reading “How To Create an App Like Instagram”

Team Netleon17 Apr,2017

Updates are very necessary and your phone requires it gradually. Small updates allow your device to perform optimal at its level. But many users think updating their device may corrupt their software or can harm the essential data. Software updates helps the device fix small issues and performance level. Although some of the upgrades have … Continue reading “Why you should Update your Smartphone’s Software”

Team Netleon14 Apr,2017

App screenshots becomes vigorous tools in the contest for downloads and is the first impression your app gives. For better screenshots Apple and Google has designed app stores. Screenshots comprise of 75% of app listing. Through app store searching 53% of android and 47% of iOS users found their last app. Only 2% users open … Continue reading “How do I Design App Store Screenshots to Increase Downloads?”

Priyanka Sharma13 Apr,2017

You have visualization, stimulation or name for your app, all you need is   to get into details of designing application. This is the situation where the hiccup starts as bolts and nuts of the invention is easier alleged than performed. In our earlier blog we have discussed the necessary skills required in developer and … Continue reading “What are the Factors to be Considered while you Design an App?”

Team Netleon12 Apr,2017

I analysis dozens of business plans each year. In marketing unit everyone says “we are going to advertise our association through social media.” This is good but many people do not spend their time on computers or mobile phones. Most of the successful business use the online and offline marketing approach. Here are the strategies … Continue reading “12 Simple Ways to Market Your Business Offline”

Team Netleon11 Apr,2017

If you are entrepreneur or your business does not have any mobile app. I recommend you to go for it as it behaves like a marketing tool. If you are having any Ecommerce business mobile app is one of the best solutions for it. Today online activities are shifting to portable devices like mobile phones … Continue reading “Why you too should own a Mobile App”

Team Netleon10 Apr,2017

WordPress is an open source platform that provides number of free plugin to download and install. Many users love it because of its simple code and beautiful simple architecture. The main thing is you don’t require any programming skill. It avail many features like allows you to edit, add, delete contents at present or in … Continue reading “Things you should check when buying a WordPress Theme”

Team Netleon6 Apr,2017

Both WordPress and Drupal have same standing as they were been in market for same period. And are entrant player in market of CMS. Wordpress has 10 times more users if we compare to Drupal and it nevertheless leads to WordPress. But is it true that a Drupal will be less capable than a WordPress. … Continue reading “WordPress vs Drupal: Which One is Best?”

Team Netleon5 Apr,2017

In this article I am going showcase the difference between two popular frameworks: AngularJS and BackboneJS. Choosing a factual framework for a project can have impact on ability of developer to deliver project on time. Old methodologies are disappearing and web is adopting novel technologies. These both frameworks are open source, are used for building … Continue reading “AngularJS vs. Backbone.js: Comparing Two JavaScript Frameworks”

Team Netleon3 Apr,2017