12 Simple Ways to Market Your Business Offline

I analysis dozens of business plans each year. In marketing unit everyone says “we are going to advertise our association through social media.” This is good but many people do not spend their time on computers or mobile phones. Most of the successful business use the online and offline marketing approach.

Here are the strategies that increase your business significantly.

Free exposure

Media sources always wait for interesting stories- You can also be part of it. Contact your local newspaper or television network and tell them few interesting facts that why you have started this business.

Low-cost paper advertisement

College and Schools have newspapers. If your business or products is related to demographic these resources are excellent and the cost is also low.


Make sure your item is visible nearby, regional and national people for nothing. Customers will utilize the product that they like in an event and inform others too.

Media giveaways

Media or televisions always look for free product so they can offer and entertain their listeners. You can choose this option also for publicity of your company.

Trade show

You can booth with other company that delivers the compatible products. Successful entrepreneur attend trade show to sell their products.


Join clubs or business groups that attract leaders of business. Get familiar with all and figure out the potential customers of your business.

Free snacks

Welcome you fix clients for lunch or get –together. This section works very well with business-to-business model. You have an option to acquaint potential purchasers with your items.


Hold or organize a workshop that has an informative incentive for likely clients. Your product or services should include the solution for difficulties they provoke.


Nearly many companies have trade publication and these publications offers new products with services.

Direct mail

Direct mail is an inexpensive strategy that targets particular geographic markets. You can hire people to deliver ingress hangers to potential clients. You can simply give lower cost gimmick while offering the high tickets items and is also a modern technology.

Cross advancements

This section is mainstream in retaining and works as business part. Your first step is to find organization with related services and after that investigate approaches to profit business of individual.

Coupons or handouts

With desktop printing you can create professional handouts, flyers or coupons at very low cost. Distribute it from your place or the place where customers congregate in large amount.




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