Android vs. iOS App Development: Trends for 2017

In 2016, we’ve seen the rolling fight in the middle of iOS and Android, the ascent of the national designer activity, the developing ubiquity of half and half applications and incalculable endeavors to fight versatile application instabilities. What are the most recent patterns in mobile app development in 2017 and afar? Read the full article. Here I have targeted the difference between the popular iOS.

Actually the question is which operating system will avail the business and should continue. Which mobile app or OS will be loved be the users in trends 2017. Whose functionality will be best and ease to user in aspect to audience. Various other questions are needed to be answered. I ensure at the end of the article you will be cleared and can take a wise decision. We charm the article with quantitative and qualitative approach, which is important for business growth.

  • iOS has achieved a year growth from corner to corner of different regions.
  • In Japan Apple has detained the largest share in 2016 with 51.7% of mobile sales.
  • But in October Android has held the share of 75.2% of EUS phones sales in respect to iOS at 21.2%.
  • Android has creased the markets of such regions Mexico, China, Italy, France or Brazil with 94.4% share.
  • In US Android still holds the share of 57.9% of market.

According to above survey Apple figures out how to keep a solid client base in built up and lucrative markets. On the other hand Android is keeping tempting consumers in market because of prices and large varieties.

If we talk about UI and UX Design of both Apple and Android we will figure out which are easier to design?

Yes, both have different perception that makes them good looking. Android follows Human Interface strategies whereas Apple adapts the guidelines of Material Design (not frequently changed) and iOS launch a update when a new OS comes out.

There is nothing much to say but some the points that can differentiate the platform and designs are:-

  • Clickable size of Android is 48 pixels and iOS is 44 pixels which is smallest size.
  • Android devices come with physical button/tab like back or home but Apple have only single button of home.
  • Typography is entirely different.
  • Apple uses visual interface builders to manage the visual files and Android platform needs to write an XML files that helps in layout.
  • Android offers instant apps solution where Apple has iMessage apps.
  • Apple is higher spender or can say spend more money on apps and buying in-apps, Android is dominant in markets.



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