Want to develop an app like Uber Know the cost and other details

Thinking to start a travel business!! Want to know the cost of apps like Uber?? We come across this question and our answer is ….. Depends!! Uber has motivated many entrepreneurs to create an app similar to Uber. Before getting in details or to know about the cost it is essential to know the components … Continue reading “Want to develop an app like Uber Know the cost and other details”

Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to your Ecommerce Site

If you run an eCommerce Business, you were possibly aware of role that social media plays in evolution of online shopping. Everyone is looking for increasing traffic to their ecommerce site these days but social media is not that much easy. Below is the list of social media tactics to drive traffic to any site. … Continue reading “Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to your Ecommerce Site”

Few Tips for Successful Projects

In this article I am going to share a real life experience with you all. I worked in IT Company in Bangalore. My position was Executive and because of that I need to involve myself in project management. And for successful project a good understanding lead as project manager is required. A project manager’s role … Continue reading “Few Tips for Successful Projects”

Winning Ecommerce Strategies

Today Ecommerce is in trend and to grow your business there are various marketing strategies. Entrepreneurs are looking for experts who can guide them with ecommerce definition. As users are increasing on internet and they used smartphones or tablets for online purchasing is farsighted brick and grout evolve into click and order. Each and every … Continue reading “Winning Ecommerce Strategies”

Why use Child Theme in WordPress

To begin with… know what is child theme? A child theme in wordpress is a theme that takes over the functionality from another WordPress theme i.e. the parent theme. Child themes are used when one want to customize an existing wordpress theme without losing the ability to upgrade that theme. Client of Netleon Technologies ask … Continue reading “Why use Child Theme in WordPress”

Top Reasons to Choose SVG over PNG

There are many questions that I have seen over different sites i.e. which format is should be used for images. People either many developers don’t know which one is the best format and they don’t pay too much attention that why they choose that type. Questions like • Which format is better for saving images … Continue reading “Top Reasons to Choose SVG over PNG”

Difference between AngularJS and NodeJS

These both are popular and leading JavaScript application framework that helps in building cross platform web application with rich features. Hence there is difference in both but use JavaScript as syntax. This article will clear your all doubts related to Angular JS or Node JS. Angular is open source, developed by Google that soup up … Continue reading “Difference between AngularJS and NodeJS”

How to track my lost android phone without using any tracking app

A little story can make your interest to read the article. You were having a dinner with your friends and when you reach into your pocket to pull out the wallet suddenly you realize your phone is missing. And that feeling hits you deeply. Several thoughts comes into mind did I leave it into the … Continue reading “How to track my lost android phone without using any tracking app”

Interesting Facts about PHP Programming Language

There are many interesting facts that are not known to many of the web development companies. Here I am going to discuss those though-provoking facts:- Personal Home Page PHP stood for Personal Home Page. It was created by Rasmus Lerdorf and release in 1995 as “Hypertext Preprocessor”. Perl Script Origanlly PHP was built to replace … Continue reading “Interesting Facts about PHP Programming Language”