Ways to Shrink Your IT Budget without Killing Progress

Guys, if you are looking for ideas on how to reduce IT spending without breaking the progress, this article will be helpful for you. • Deploy open source By implementing open source you can save money but don’t think it will move you backward. Enterprise companies are accepting open source in wholesale fashion for the … Continue reading “Ways to Shrink Your IT Budget without Killing Progress”

WordPress- Responsive Select Menu Plugin

The Responsive Select Menu is free plugin and is available in the WordPress plugin repository.  It is compatible with agility and uber menu. To check the responsive select menu resizes the window to less than 767px. If you are working on responsive theme is it mandatory to assure the navigation is working finely on all … Continue reading “WordPress- Responsive Select Menu Plugin”

Top Changes in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6

A variety of changes have been assimilated in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6. Both are rebuilt from scratch to support the changing methods and technological agreements. It is cross-platform, open-source and work on cloud. Asp.Net 5 is considered significant-release of Asp.Net over .Net framework. In this article you will have glimpse of every minor changes … Continue reading “Top Changes in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6”

How to Lower Web Development Costs?

Website itself has earned a reputation of being an important platform of any business and is productive interface for driving business ahead. Company or Brand is judged by its website. No business owner wants to take risk of quality for cost. Research shows that today websites are mainly developing in PHP, ASP.Net or RoR. The … Continue reading “How to Lower Web Development Costs?”

The Importance of the #Hashtag in Social Media Search Revolution!

Nowadays every person is using Hashtag and must hear the name as it has contemporary culture with advertising campaigns. On the other part social media has also become an essential part of the business growth and as well as marketing strategies. It directly touches the audience. Rather wasting time in investing money on advertising channels, … Continue reading “The Importance of the #Hashtag in Social Media Search Revolution!”

Mobile Application Development & its Business Impact

The best thing about today is the increase in mobile phones with advancement. Things keep progressing with time so as the demand of mobile apps. Life has become easier and comfortable from hiring a taxi to ordering a meal and getting our communities cleaned. For vendors and customers mobile apps are natural channel of communication. … Continue reading “Mobile Application Development & its Business Impact”

Essential Features Need to Include in CRM Application

With focusing on customers in business it become important to understand CRM deeply. As the reason is your company needs customer relationship management software to preserve the relationship with clients. There is hundreds of software and problem is which should be picked up? In this blog you will study 7 features that are crucial in … Continue reading “Essential Features Need to Include in CRM Application”

How To Create an App Like Instagram

Photography is an integral part of social life today. You can share your photos by capturing in your phone. Today many phones are having HD camera that clicks a beautiful picture of you. Instagram is leading app for sharing pictures in all over the world. According to statistical information 80 million pictures are uploaded on … Continue reading “How To Create an App Like Instagram”

Why you should Update your Smartphone’s Software

Updates are very necessary and your phone requires it gradually. Small updates allow your device to perform optimal at its level. But many users think updating their device may corrupt their software or can harm the essential data. Software updates helps the device fix small issues and performance level. Although some of the upgrades have … Continue reading “Why you should Update your Smartphone’s Software”

How do I Design App Store Screenshots to Increase Downloads?

App screenshots becomes vigorous tools in the contest for downloads and is the first impression your app gives. For better screenshots Apple and Google has designed app stores. Screenshots comprise of 75% of app listing. Through app store searching 53% of android and 47% of iOS users found their last app. Only 2% users open … Continue reading “How do I Design App Store Screenshots to Increase Downloads?”