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July 29, 2020

How to choose a perfect Domain Name for your business?

You always love your business name or company name, similarly you want to keep your website name or domain name. But sometime your business name is not unique but your domain name will be unique.
If you choose wrong domain name then it can be a big issue to change it without hurting your company brand and ranking in search engine.

So overall we should decide our company website name with all care and caution.
Here we are going to share some tips which you should keep in mind before declaring your domain name.

1. Your Domain name should not be longer, sometime your company name is long but your domain should be short.

2. It should be easy to remember.

3. it should be near with your company brand, if it match with your main company name then it is perfect. it should be easy to spell and pronounce.

4. Give first priority to .com. If you are not getting .com extension and someone already own that .com then you should not take other extension, otherwise it will create a confusion to your customers and your clients will redirect to other company.

5. We should avoid hyphens and double letters in domain name.

6. Try to check once in google before deciding the domain name, that what comes in results for that domain search.

Right now approx. 370 Million domains are registered and all the good names are already taken, but you can make combination of words to match your company name.

You can register domain names from some popular companies like

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