8 Tips for Developing a Mobile App that User will Love

According to the Global Index 80% of web users peculiar a smartphone and have various app in there phone. Today mobile technology is not amusing for business- as its mandatory. Every user is waiting for appealing apps with mobile friendliness.

And as a mobile app development company there are few tips that can make your users fall in love with functionality and features. Here I am briefing some of the interesting points that are followed in my company- Netleon Technologies.


To mention the idea is not a strategy of app. You can begin with defining what you were springing to attain with this mobile app.

Make Your Customer Come Back

An app that is loved or liked by user is an application that keeps users engaged with it. There are many apps that are installed in our device but after a look they are deleted.

To make your customer come back you need to give them a strong reason- by pushing notification or messaging them.


Before releasing the app-testing is the key process.

If any bug is found you can repair before it get into world!! Testing will save your time with money.

Problem Solving

The key point to victory is to have an app that delivers benefits to the user. Your app should be updated frequently and offer new functionality or features.

Interface and User Experience

Interface is the first thing that user noticed. And try to make it user-friendly. Colors, Buttons, Themes should play an important role that how user engage with app.

Offline Plans

When consumers are offline some of the app designs are extolled for usability. Applications like WorkFlowy and Evernote work flawlessly when the customer is not associated with Wi-Fi or another flag.

Tailor Your Design

Android owners use their smart phones in different manner. Make sure the design principals matches the OS you are building for. As each have size problem.

Pick a Thing and Nail It

One of the biggest mistake that developers make is they try to fit lot of features onto a small screen. There should be a primary purpose of any app. And before developing is clear like crystal and hit your users.



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