9 Reasons to invest more on Mobile Applications

The interest of today’s generation is leaning more towards Smartphone & tablets as they find themselves deeply engaged with their social circle with the usage of such device. The real reason being the advent of new applications popping up every day, users of different age group is getting addicted to it. These days more and more work is being performed through mobile applications, which has increased the demand of mobile applications in the market.

It has become mandatory, as you are provided end number of advantages. Business houses and their customers everyone gets benefited. There are many organizations who wouldn’t mind to swear on being totally depended on mobile applications. Their existence is very much connected with these applications so they like to constantly keep on finding new ways to bring more innovation and make their interaction smooth with their audience. The clue to survive in this burgeoning market is to stick with creative solutions and build a faster two way approach for both user & the service provider.

In this article we will be taking a look at some of the most notable points which for sure will change your mind and would give you a “feel good factor” about investing on Mobile applications.

Swift and easy to port: If you are running a new business then buying a shop at good location is not enough you got to work hard in order to make it work. Same rule applies on a website, its not enough for a website to just look fancy and colorful, because a large number of audience is very tentative about opening any new website. People are getting more addicted to their Smartphone rather than a desktop. A Smartphone works like small PC which leaps all the restrictions and boundaries when compared with a laptop or desktop computer.

Easy Marketing: The accessibility of your platform decides the future of your online business. That’s why a lot of companies are spending huge amount of money to make their website mobile friendly, as it makes it easy for any user to connect with your website while they are on the go. An online sale is an automatic process so you don’t need to wait for a particular time for it to be open and its 24/7. This will even help in establishing your brand.

Leveraged Social Interaction: As a human and being a part of the society we continuously share our emotions and ideas with our friends and family. And after the arrival of social media applications and platforms a new word came into existence where we used to be called as “Netizen”. The point is we are now capable of connecting with each others virtually. Social media applications specially designed for mobile, tablets etc have been very successful and had helped us a lot to stay connected always & every time.

Enhanced Sales & service: Right after the invent of the mobile applications we have observed a drastic increase in the sales and the buying behavior of the users. As you don’t need to wait you can connect to any of the retail website anytime at your convenience. People are getting more conscious as they get to read the content which gives them detailed information about the products and that makes them an informed buyer.

Understand your customers: Big data helps you understand your user’s behavior by easily tracking their preferences and what section do they frequently visit and at what time of the month, day etc. This information is then used to provide the user a customized service and also help us win the trust of the user.

Engaging: With proper planning & innovative thinking you can easily develop solutions that makes user’s visit your website back to back. When a person wants to perform a task he thinks about the most convenient way to execute it. The same thing is expected from a mobile application. Over here I am talking about the various offers, deals, pop-ups, messages and surprise you can provide in order to lure a customer. Make all their visits memorable and full of satisfaction. Because a customer earned is a customer gained.

Bifurcate the collected information: Diverge the entire information of the user/ visitor to form one pattern. How would you do that split the age group he falls in then his gender, his country, location and the choice of brand in a particular product category. Don’t you think this is a nice to have info to convert him into a regular customer for your website. So understand his psyche and create patterns to introduce him to the best suggestion. It works and that’s for sure.

Stay connected with the young crowd: Stay updated about the latest trend and constantly follow the young user group as their group/category is highest among the users of smart devices. Learn more about their expectations from your applications so in turn you can deliver better services.

Works amazing for your business: Mobile applications add lots of convenience for businesses. Companies should learn how to benefit from apps as it helps them to engage their users. It helps in developing standard business practice, different segments like media, consumer goods, fashion & FMCG are all communicating with their audience via applications. With an increase in globalization more mobile companies are spreading their length & reach, the demand of smart mobiles and other devices will also increase and so will we witness an increase in the demand of mobile applications.

  1. Advantages for the Companies:
    1. Customer Retention & Loyalty
    2. Focused Branding
    3. Constant visibility with easy access
    4. Continuous addition of new users

Benefits for Customers:
Mobile apps are one stop solution for every service offered & provide quick resolution to the customers. This makes it a good example for customer care.
Provides systematic notifications to the users about new launch and deals
Easy accessibility with profound reach
Easy to understand user interface
Any kind of smart device may it be a Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop out of them all a person likes to carry his cell phone with him all the time, which increases the prominence of this device along with its usability. So this fact makes one thing very clear that is the rise in the usage of mobile apps is a perfect solution to fill the gaps of demand. And also a better way to reach your end users.



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