Android O Beta is Available for Users

Android O is now available as Beta to be used by all of us. Now here is an opportunity to deliver the primary features and to use or test by users. Actually the version is already in market but as a developer preview but now we can now we finally can use as a user.

Updates like in notification – includes a notification dot that lets users now new note is tied to it. If you press it for a while a preview window will open.
You might concern how to download the new version of android and what are the new features of it:-
The version is available on such devices- Nexus 5X, Nexus Player, Nexus 6P, Pixel XL, Pixel C and Pixel. If you want to play the latest features of Google’s here’s what you can follow:-

  • Before downloading Android O, back up your all data because installing the beta version can wipe your phone too.
  • Visit the page of Android O Beta program through the link.
  •  Sign in with Google account and if you are not having sign up or register yourself.
  • After sign in Google will automatically verify if you are having eligible device and make sure you have good internet connection to install the beta.
  • It will update with OTA and if you face any problem while installing the beta check your internet connection.

Android O adds few new features like:-

  • Revolution- adds some nice touch to the phones.
  • Vitals- that help developers issue with apps that impact on phone security and battery life.
  •  Increase in boot time.
  •  Contextual Autofill Option- will smartly predict what you are trying to fill.
  • Smart Text Selection- will highlight the segment that refers to name or addresses.
  • Picture in Picture- this feature will allow you to open an app while working on another.

Well, with this new version of android O(reo)*cough* I am sure we will definitely enjoy the features. However, Google’s claim of making android a modular approach is also a concerned but is incredible. But hope for the best though we can get the extra edges of using android with rich experience in aspect to communication or interface.



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