How to Build a Restaurant Guide App like Zomato

Here is brief guide on the requirements that need to build an app like Zomato. When you talk about the restaurant guide app there is nothing like the feature of Zomato. This is the application that grew into a social food community with higher level of user engagement, Food is one of the basic need … Continue reading “How to Build a Restaurant Guide App like Zomato”

Either Speed or Polish, Native Mobile Apps wins every time.

Startups or Entrepreneur think that Building Apps using Hybrid is best to save time and money. REALITY: If you want high-end mobile experience App, build natively. This is true that if we go with Hybrid App or you can say cross-platform app, we can push it out to any device or OS. There will not … Continue reading “Either Speed or Polish, Native Mobile Apps wins every time.”

IT Service Management: The Next Level in Information Technology

There is no excuse when it comes to the execution of a business process which requires perfect management of numerous resources pertaining to the business. The IT service management is a strategic approach to design, deliver, manage and enhance the way IT is used within an organization. The concept of IT service management is unique … Continue reading “IT Service Management: The Next Level in Information Technology”

Scope of iPhone Applications

Ever wondered why you love Apple and what makes it so special that it manages to bag such a huge fan following. Well three things appear in my mind when I think about Apple they are; Class Superiority Power pack performance It has only captured a mere 12% market of the worldwide Smartphone users but … Continue reading “Scope of iPhone Applications”

Web Applications are must have in Today’s Business?

What exactly do they help you with? What’s the point of designing an application when they it does the same thing as a normal website. Well it helps you in achieving your business objectives. Web applications are the best source to reach out a large audience & that again in a rapid way. To win … Continue reading “Web Applications are must have in Today’s Business?”

The technological world of apple – WWDC 2015

The technology is getting revolutionized by the constant changes that apple has made for the mobile industry. Apple has opened new gates to witness the future of integrated features that inspires people to be tech savvy. World Wide Developers conference commonly known as WWDC is an event that is hosted by Apple every year, this … Continue reading “The technological world of apple – WWDC 2015”

PhoneGap the best choice for enterprise mobile app development

So what’s your business like? Is it a startup or a fully organized enterprise? Have you ever felt a need to have an application built to run your business properly? It is important as you need to target a large number of people who may be using different mobile operating system for Windows, iOS, Android … Continue reading “PhoneGap the best choice for enterprise mobile app development”

Why your website needs redesign

For many organizations notably for the smaller ones with a limited budget a website is the most powerful marketing investment. Any website needs attention throughout its lifetime that means you need to constantly upgrade your website. It doesn’t matter what’s the size of your investment. But how would you to come to the point whether … Continue reading “Why your website needs redesign”

Mobile applications testing

It is very important for a mobile development company to realize that they are designing the application to provide best user experience. It takes a lot to take into consideration before you deliver the actual product in the hands of the customer. Bringing perfection for the product is only possible when a product goes through … Continue reading “Mobile applications testing”

9 Reasons to invest more on Mobile Applications

The interest of today’s generation is leaning more towards Smartphone & tablets as they find themselves deeply engaged with their social circle with the usage of such device. The real reason being the advent of new applications popping up every day, users of different age group is getting addicted to it. These days more and … Continue reading “9 Reasons to invest more on Mobile Applications”