Avoid these 6 Mistakes during Web Designing

Nowadays everyone wants to have a website of their product or business. An alluring website is first choice of user, through webpage you can promote your business and let clients familiar with it. Survey shows that business owners are taking bulk order of website to earn good amount but they are making plenty of mistakes too. Here we will share some common mistake and their solution. Though you can learn how to avoid mistakes during development or what are the mistakes that need to avoided during website designing.

  • Hiring the web design company

We understand you are in rush to launch your website but it doesn’t mean to hire any web designer for you project. While selecting a company you should have patience. Take time to research about the company and compare two or three companies with their projects. Select the most suitable and reputed company for your work, where you can find the money you invest is worth.

  • Creating site of one page

Make sure the website that is designed is of more than one page, where client can spend more time. A single page won’t find interested in terms of client. They want to know the background of company, their services, history, team or etc.

Either you can include blog page into your website where users can get information about related products.

  • Having a messy look

It’s often said that first impression is last. So give an alluring attractive look to your website, so client can visit it again and again. Users always like friendly website and they love to stick on that for a long. Avoid using white space or if they are then fill it with other designing parts.

  • Designing websites only for desktops

Today people are using mobile phones more than desktop and they want a website should be mobile friendly as well.  If your site is visible only on desktop then get ready to have down fall in your business.

  • Moving ahead with poor images

In hurry you use low quality images and at the end you forget to change it and this mistake is commit by many of the developers or business owners.  However make sure to use better quality of images.

  • A complicated navigation

A developer always creates a well-run and simple navigation. Because a user never wants to have a complicated website and they feel it boring. Simple website gives a beautiful look and attracts more audience.




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