Use Any Email to Access Yahoo Mail App Now

Users can access their Yahoo mail now with Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address. This is the latest of Yahoo and the team is always looking to create new features that help people to stay organized. To create a Yahoo account and access new features tap your Gmail or Outlook account and allow Yahoo to … Continue reading “Use Any Email to Access Yahoo Mail App Now”

Mobile Application Development & its Business Impact

The best thing about today is the increase in mobile phones with advancement. Things keep progressing with time so as the demand of mobile apps. Life has become easier and comfortable from hiring a taxi to ordering a meal and getting our communities cleaned. For vendors and customers mobile apps are natural channel of communication. … Continue reading “Mobile Application Development & its Business Impact”

How To Create an App Like Instagram

Photography is an integral part of social life today. You can share your photos by capturing in your phone. Today many phones are having HD camera that clicks a beautiful picture of you. Instagram is leading app for sharing pictures in all over the world. According to statistical information 80 million pictures are uploaded on … Continue reading “How To Create an App Like Instagram”

Why you should Update your Smartphone’s Software

Updates are very necessary and your phone requires it gradually. Small updates allow your device to perform optimal at its level. But many users think updating their device may corrupt their software or can harm the essential data. Software updates helps the device fix small issues and performance level. Although some of the upgrades have … Continue reading “Why you should Update your Smartphone’s Software”

How do I Design App Store Screenshots to Increase Downloads?

App screenshots becomes vigorous tools in the contest for downloads and is the first impression your app gives. For better screenshots Apple and Google has designed app stores. Screenshots comprise of 75% of app listing. Through app store searching 53% of android and 47% of iOS users found their last app. Only 2% users open … Continue reading “How do I Design App Store Screenshots to Increase Downloads?”

Why you too should own a Mobile App

If you are entrepreneur or your business does not have any mobile app. I recommend you to go for it as it behaves like a marketing tool. If you are having any Ecommerce business mobile app is one of the best solutions for it. Today online activities are shifting to portable devices like mobile phones … Continue reading “Why you too should own a Mobile App”

8 Tips for Developing a Mobile App that User will Love

According to the Global Index 80% of web users peculiar a smartphone and have various app in there phone. Today mobile technology is not amusing for business- as its mandatory. Every user is waiting for appealing apps with mobile friendliness. And as a mobile app development company there are few tips that can make your … Continue reading “8 Tips for Developing a Mobile App that User will Love”

Android vs. iOS App Development: Trends for 2017

In 2016, we’ve seen the rolling fight in the middle of iOS and Android, the ascent of the national designer activity, the developing ubiquity of half and half applications and incalculable endeavors to fight versatile application instabilities. What are the most recent patterns in mobile app development in 2017 and afar? Read the full article. … Continue reading “Android vs. iOS App Development: Trends for 2017”

Why is It Significant for Insurance Companies to Peculiar a Mobile App?

In past years the progress in mobile technologies varies and impact different fields such as insurance companies, medical fields or IT business.  Mobile apps offer convenience and lightness, though they earned popularity. Mobile apps in insurance companies are playing crucial role as they keep agents connected to their offices. And according to my personal experience … Continue reading “Why is It Significant for Insurance Companies to Peculiar a Mobile App?”

Why do Apps Update So Often

One of the greatest difficulties for programming engineers lies in the domain of updates. From little tech new companies to goliaths of industry, the issue of settling bugs, refreshing code and plan, and enhancing programming usefulness requires the arrangement of continuous updates to the client. Making sense of how and when to refresh a portable … Continue reading “Why do Apps Update So Often”