Which is the Best WordPress Popup Plugin? 

WP Popup Plugin is the most beautiful and easy to create popup plugin to create different pages. Through this we can make more popups of different styles and for different attractive pages. This plugin is free of cost, open source and is world renowned plugin. This is the superb plugin to make your website beautiful … Continue reading “Which is the Best WordPress Popup Plugin? “

WordPress- Responsive Select Menu Plugin

The Responsive Select Menu is free plugin and is available in the WordPress plugin repository.  It is compatible with agility and uber menu. To check the responsive select menu resizes the window to less than 767px. If you are working on responsive theme is it mandatory to assure the navigation is working finely on all … Continue reading “WordPress- Responsive Select Menu Plugin”

The Importance of the #Hashtag in Social Media Search Revolution!

Nowadays every person is using Hashtag and must hear the name as it has contemporary culture with advertising campaigns. On the other part social media has also become an essential part of the business growth and as well as marketing strategies. It directly touches the audience. Rather wasting time in investing money on advertising channels, … Continue reading “The Importance of the #Hashtag in Social Media Search Revolution!”

Things you should check when buying a WordPress Theme

WordPress is an open source platform that provides number of free plugin to download and install. Many users love it because of its simple code and beautiful simple architecture. The main thing is you don’t require any programming skill. It avail many features like allows you to edit, add, delete contents at present or in … Continue reading “Things you should check when buying a WordPress Theme”

WordPress vs Drupal: Which One is Best?

Both WordPress and Drupal have same standing as they were been in market for same period. And are entrant player in market of CMS. Wordpress has 10 times more users if we compare to Drupal and it nevertheless leads to WordPress. But is it true that a Drupal will be less capable than a WordPress. … Continue reading “WordPress vs Drupal: Which One is Best?”

Why use Child Theme in WordPress

To begin with… know what is child theme? A child theme in wordpress is a theme that takes over the functionality from another WordPress theme i.e. the parent theme. Child themes are used when one want to customize an existing wordpress theme without losing the ability to upgrade that theme. Client of Netleon Technologies ask … Continue reading “Why use Child Theme in WordPress”

Interesting Facts about PHP Programming Language

There are many interesting facts that are not known to many of the web development companies. Here I am going to discuss those though-provoking facts:- Personal Home Page PHP stood for Personal Home Page. It was created by Rasmus Lerdorf and release in 1995 as “Hypertext Preprocessor”. Perl Script Origanlly PHP was built to replace … Continue reading “Interesting Facts about PHP Programming Language”

Top 5 Reasons Why a Website Need Redesign to make it Mobile Friendly.

In today’s time everyone wants a mobile friendly website, they want to have a webpage that can be browse easily on mobile phone and make user happy with functionality and features. Website redesigning can be cost-effective and give advantage to company. Let’s discuss the reason why you need to redesign your website:- Need to make … Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why a Website Need Redesign to make it Mobile Friendly.”

What are the Benefits of using Chatbots for your Business

Chatbots are in trend today and is definitely influence the market. It is a program that feigns the conversation with audience with the help of artificial intelligence system. To understand the benefits or scenarios of using chat bots for your business let’s start analyzing the background. “Chatbot is services that interact with chat interface and … Continue reading “What are the Benefits of using Chatbots for your Business”

Avoid these 6 Mistakes during Web Designing

Nowadays everyone wants to have a website of their product or business. An alluring website is first choice of user, through webpage you can promote your business and let clients familiar with it. Survey shows that business owners are taking bulk order of website to earn good amount but they are making plenty of mistakes … Continue reading “Avoid these 6 Mistakes during Web Designing”