Cyberattack Impact on India- “WannaCry” Rasomware

You must have heard “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

The WannaCry ransome attack is an ongoing cyber-attack of rasomware computer worm targeting the widows OS. The attack flows on 12-May, 2017 and affect more than 230,000 computers in approx. 150 countries.

Many businesses were affected by this and RBI asked banks to operationalize their ATM networks after updating software. Government has issued caution message and reinforce the online security

This attack brought computer systems to their knees from Russia to China to UK to the US. WannaCry attacks lock the essential data of people and demand for some ransom or lose your data. Victims affected were Banks, Hospitals, Telecommunication Companies and Warehouses.

What is WannaCry?

It is a hacking attack that holds your computer until you pay ransom. When it infects the computer it encrypts and scrambles the data. And demands money to get back the access of your system. They increase the amount with a countdown.

The attack is heard by UK’s health service department- that was the first victim of WannaCry attack. The attack is also known as “WannaCrypt”.

How attack is spread?

The attack spread by phishing email and use exploit name- EternalBlue and DoublePulsar backdoor.

It appears in computer networks such as- schools, companies or hospitals and mostly spread through file  sharing technology used by computers or laptops called- Windows Server Message Block or “SMB”.

Who created WannaCry

It is been discovered by NSA, which apparently saved it on file as a possible tool to use for investigation or other related issues.

How do I keep my system safe?

For this makes sure your software is up-to-date and if not then update your software. Don’t click on any suspicious emails or anonymous links. Keep taking backups and if you don’t have try to start it soon.

What do I do if my system is infected?

There is no way to fix the WannaCry attack.







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