Difference between AngularJS and NodeJS

These both are popular and leading JavaScript application framework that helps in building cross platform web application with rich features. Hence there is difference in both but use JavaScript as syntax. This article will clear your all doubts related to Angular JS or Node JS.

Angular is open source, developed by Google that soup up HTML with some additional tags to build applications of single page. Helps in adding the dynamic views in web application and is popular choice for creating data-driven apps. It uses MVC framework which is effective web designing front-end web application.

Features of AngularJS
• Ease of use.
• Useful for Single Page Application
• Cross-Browser Compatibility
• Developers get rid to write LOC with great feature like filters, data bindings or directives.
• Architecture of Angular is MVW- Model-View-Whatever and support MVC.
• Offer support for Dependency Injection or Direct DOM manipulation.
• Testing is done with Karma- facilitate unit testing which is very easy.
• It supports various testing like unit, integration or functional testing.
• Protector can be used for end-to-end testing.
• It allows writing HTML declaration.
• Do not provide any IDE support.
• Manages the State of Model.

NodeJS is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript runtime and helps you in building scalable network application with emphasize on speed. After 2009 project it gains authority to build a server side web applications. Node uses the npm tool to manage JavaScript packages.

Features of NodeJS
• Is suitable for enterprises which are looking forward to improve productivity of developer.
• Latency Sensitive.
• Rapid Development.
• Use MVC Architecture or Model-view-Presenter.
• Support Functional Concurrency Oriented or Sub Programming Paradigms.
• It offers IDE support.
• Also provide support for Ruby, CoffeeScript or other languages.

NodeJS and AngularJS are distinctive devices. In any case, they (somewhat) utilize JavaScript sentence structure. Also, both can be joined to make isomorphic applications, i.e. applications that are work with a similar dialect on the back and front-closes. On the off chance that you go further and utilize MongoDB as your information store, you can manufacture your whole framework utilizing JavaScript seasoned apparatuses.This is the main difference between angluarjs and node js.



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