Either Speed or Polish, Native Mobile Apps wins every time.

Startups or Entrepreneur think that Building Apps using Hybrid is best to save time and money.

REALITY: If you want high-end mobile experience App, build natively.

This is true that if we go with Hybrid App or you can say cross-platform app, we can push it out to any device or OS. There will not be any need to develop separate code for separate OS like Android/iOS/Windows. Sounds simple. Logical. You can save money and time with that but the Reality is totally different, Facebook thought the same initially, as LinkedIn too. But this easy approach was countered with some great downsides. Later Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that it was the biggest mistake to relies on HTML5. HTML5 is horrible across every advantage: performance was slow, UI totally disturbed and week functionality.

The conclusion “When Startups go through easy route, they don’t realize that all they’re doing is creating a poor experience for everyone.”

Facebook has since re-developed its app to make better experience on all devices with Native approach. But still Startups using the cross platform approach to save time and money, they don’t want to invest money to develop separate for each OS. But all are failed to work well and build a high-end mobile experiences.

With HTML5/Hybrid Apps/Cross Platform Toolkit, In all these case, when you are going to compare the prototype from a speed and finishing perspective against doing Natively, Native wins every time.

Big companies accepted “It’s the fastest way to build apps that look and feel great, and the easiest way to customize them after you launch. Spend the time developing deeply on one platform, Then, once you’ve nailed that, you can branch out. From both a speed and quality perspective this is the only way to go.”
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