Few Tips for Successful Projects

In this article I am going to share a real life experience with you all. I worked in IT Company in Bangalore. My position was Executive and because of that I need to involve myself in project management. And for successful project a good understanding lead as project manager is required.

A project manager’s role is to bring a project to completion on time within budget. At this phase you will face different obstacles both internally or externally which can turn off your project from its track. But few right steps taken by manager or team can ensure you the quality with your objective. Planning and Preparation is needed and though you can place your project in best shape and reduce the occurring future risk. In short proper planning or work can lead it to the successful end line.

There are few tips that will help you in getting the successful project:-

Be a problem solver

A good PM is one who can solve preemptive problems of his team by identifying the risk prior. If you find out the project is not going in right track, put your private investigators in and figure out- why-what-when and where.

Understanding with PMT

You should be aware of using project management tools in both inside and outside manner. Encourage your team members to participate to find a product that serves you in better way.

Find best Mentor

A best mentor can take you at the end. There are various theories that make a suitable mentor but here are few options to choose a mentor for your project:- co-workers, former boss, managers etc.

Project Detail

A manager should know each and every detail structure of project with all requirements.

Realistic Expectation

Make sure everyone in team including the members, client or manager understands the project limitation. Try to finish the project on time with specific budget. If expectations are not reasonable don’t start the work.

Team members with their responsibility

Your primary role is to select team members for your project and assign them individual responsibility. This step is very important and if you assign task to a wrong person, you are decreasing the chances of success. Make sure team members are clear on when and what is expected from them.

Manage risk properly

Define the most likely risk that can occur in future or during project. Try to find the risk that is about to happen and take accountability to resolve them. These tips are helpful for new project managers and you will learn dos and don’ts of project management.



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