Hey Siri, Google Assistant is on iPhone Now

Google announced on Wednesday that now Google Assistant is available for iPhone. It competes with Siri and allows users to check weather, booking tickets, book restaurant or more. Already Google Assistant is available on Google Home or Android OS.

But can say Apple still has one leg-up with Siri as it can be activated through “Hey Siri” command and for Google Assistant you need to open it separately. Google Assistant is restricted in United States after launching and soon will come to other countries as well. Users will not able to replace Siri with Google Assistant. Google announced few new features are also coming this month that include Google Lens- image processing algorithm with text interpretation in aspect to location, to translate foreign text a camera view finder is used and adding 10 languages before the end of this year.

Google Assistant is considered a powerful voice assistant when you compare it to Siri, current version. It allows you to ask more complicated queries and too has third-party integration. It also let you to control your connected devcies. In addition users can type their search queries instead of speaking. This feature is useful when you are sitting or sleeping near someone and don’t want other know your action.
With next update of iOS an upgrade part of Siri will come. The Google Assistant app is available to download on iOS 9.1 or greater
iPhone user will see Google Assistant soon in iTunes App store.



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