How do I Design App Store Screenshots to Increase Downloads?

App screenshots becomes vigorous tools in the contest for downloads and is the first impression your app gives. For better screenshots Apple and Google has designed app stores.

  • Screenshots comprise of 75% of app listing.
  • Through app store searching 53% of android and 47% of iOS users found their last app.
  • Only 2% users open the description fully and other ignores it.
  • Screenshots are made more prominent by Google and Apple and now they are more visible.
  • Good screenshots reduces the acquisition cost.
  • The appealing app stores are more likely to download by customers.
  • Great screenshots can convince user and boost them to download the app.

App screenshots are marketing banners, influence users to download an app”.

How to create app screenshot

Only select the screenshot that best suited your app and describe their mean. Ask such question from yourself:-

  • What is unique and special feature about it?
  • What kind of problem my app can solve?

If you are able to figure out the answers of these with app screenshots that mean half of your work is done.

Here are the 5 tools to create an amazing screenshots for your app

DaVinci App

In this you can pick a template and customize it with different color and text.

Screenshot Editor

This is an iOS app that allows creating screenshots from your iPhone. Just download the app from app store and export them to different device sizes.


It allows integrating the screenshots to mockups within seconds and there is no need of Photoshop and can upload the image quickly.


Bizness Apps

You can generate screenshot within a button click as it has its own screenshot tool.

AppInstitute’s Screenshot Generator

From this tool you can edit the color, background or layout of your screenshots. It is not a paid tool and used for both Android and Apple devices.



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