How to Build a Restaurant Guide App like Zomato

Here is brief guide on the requirements that need to build an app like Zomato.

When you talk about the restaurant guide app there is nothing like the feature of Zomato. This is the application that grew into a social food community with higher level of user engagement, Food is one of the basic need of human and we need a bite we often search for places, we can reach quickly or vice-versa. We search on mobile the restaurant apps like Zomato or Yelp that use a location based approach and help you to find the nearby restaurant.

Our aim of this blog is to find the easiest or simple way to build a restaurant search app. Zomato focus on keeping clean service and have 2 separate apps with different features. Users won’t have to travel a mile to search a food joint for them.

If we distribute the app into different modules you will find it into five different surfaces of solution.

  • Web Service
  • Restaurant Business App
  • On-Demand Food Delivery App
  • Social Media App
  • Restaurant Finder or Locator App

So Guys, if you are looking to build a restaurant app similar to Zomato of your own, you have to decide first how you are going to cover the whole and what features or functionality you want in app.

Functions for a Restaurant App

Let’s identify what other functions a restaurant finder app required:-

  • Registration via social networks- with simple registration users will use your app in minutes.
  • Restaurant Profile- here you can review the detail of restaurant.
  • User Profile- here you can see the reviews of user related your app.
  • Adding to favorites- you can add the places nearby you for future reference.
  • Admin Panel- this is the place where you can modify the content.
  • Adding user photo- users images with review can be added on instagram.
  • Rating and leaving review- users are requested to leave a review with ratings, and admin can check the user comment here.
  • Location based search and suggestion- can search restaurant according you location.
  • Calling from the app- you can book table or order the meal by calling directly through an app.

Existent Features

  • You can check restaurant closes to you or in same town.
  • Follow the foodies for reviews.
  • Create your personal food diary,
  • Explore the restaurant that delivers food at your door step.
  • Follow the orders with real-time notification.
  • Enjoy your food and rate your experience.

Gamification Components

  • Levels
  • Achievements
  • Verified User
  • Quests
  • Rewards
  • Community of Users
  • Area Expert
  • Competition
  • Checkpoints

So if you are looking to develop an app like Zomato the first thing that you need is to arrange all the essential data including the road map. You can do it by your own or under domain expert guidance. Once you have collect all the above now the turn is to connect with app develop, having an experience of working on similar apps. You can take appointment with Netleon, and shortlist the best developer for your app.




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