How to Create an App for Any Community

Check your mobile screen how many and what type of apps are installed there. I bet that at least one or two app is there which connects you with your mate or groups. Social media is increasing rapidly and let me tell you the thing before you roll up your sleeves. According to statistics, there will be 2.95 billion or above social network handlers till 2020 and it enables the potentials for niche social media apps. 95% of people rely on community likes bloggers, mobile app developers, social lovers etc.  Communities mainly work due to the relationships they are built on and at the initial level of any project you required a strong bond of relationship.

You can pick already built features for your community app. Netleon is the one who understand the users need and develop the best community app or mobile app. Not only android apps but we have expert developer of iOS too.Some of the essential features that may help you are:-


It makes the difference between social media app or messenger, where you can share your thoughts or publish news. You too can follow other members of groups through this feature.


This brings privacy to your members of group while having a communication. It creates the group chats or direct messaging.

Marketing Tools

We can bestow your community app with basic marketing kits by way of push notifications plus ad tools to generate target campaigns.

Inbuilt Payment

Trusted gateway can be integrated if you want to add membership fees in your app.

Event Planning Tools

We will provide you all the essential tools that need to be in every app.

3 steps are crucial for building any community app:-


You can contact our manager via call or visiting our office, they will keen to help you. Before all fix your budget and features that you want in your app. Our business analyst will also help you to know the weakness of competitor companies.


Every ready made block can be changed according to your thoughts and our developers are expert in doing so, they will modify themes according to your app.

Polishing Design

Our professional UI/UX Designer will help you in customization. You can confer your ideas with our designers and they will create whole picture accordingly. And your application is designed according to your needs rather than customized.





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