How to track my lost android phone without using any tracking app

A little story can make your interest to read the article. You were having a dinner with your friends and when you reach into your pocket to pull out the wallet suddenly you realize your phone is missing. And that feeling hits you deeply. Several thoughts comes into mind did I leave it into the hotel or at home? What if someone steal it? And you have no such idea.
There is no official way to track your lost android phone as there is no special feature. People install tracking apps to track their phones….. But what if there is no app like this? In this article you will get to know how to find your android phone without app or how to track the location of phone.
Android Device Manager
You can user ADM to track the location of your android device. For this follow the steps one by one:-

  • Grab your computer.
  • Connect to the internet.
  • Log into the Google account- the important step.
  • Type “Track my phone” in omnibox of chrome.

Google will automatically run a window of Android Device Manager inside the search result. The above requirements need to be followed to find your device.
This will start tracking your device and if you are having multiple devices you can select the drop down menu to find the missing ones. It will find your phone in mention time with the accuracy. You can use a “lock” button on lock screen to protect your data.
In the wake of locking the gadget, you can likewise send an order to “ring it” command, which can help you pinpoint its correct area on the off chance that you simply left it some place. It doesn’t shout out—it just plays the set ringtone at full volume for five minutes. In case you’re following back your means to an area where you cleared out it, you ought to presumably hold up until you’re sufficiently close before executing this charge.
If none of the things comes out the last option is to use “erase” command and it will reset your device to new. It wipes out your all personal stuff like pictures, messages, music and other. And this step basically means to say goodbye to your phone permanently. After this step ADM won’t work for you.



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