Interesting Facts about PHP Programming Language

There are many interesting facts that are not known to many of the web development companies. Here I am going to discuss those though-provoking facts:-

Personal Home Page
PHP stood for Personal Home Page. It was created by Rasmus Lerdorf and release in 1995 as “Hypertext Preprocessor”.

Perl Script
Origanlly PHP was built to replace the Perl Script.

In june 1997 PHP 3 was launched by Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmas and rewrote the core.

On 13 Jule, 2004 PHP 5 was created by Zend Engine with support of object oriented programming but because of native Unicode it faces criticism. In PHP 3 and PHP 4 there were only basic feature of object oriented programming.

Free Software
PHP is free software and released under the license of PHP and is incompatible with General Public License due to constraint on use of PHP term.

Server Side Scripting Language
PHP uses object oriented programming language or procedural programming and there mixture. It is written in HTML context so called Server Side Scripting Language. The output get from PHP code is encoded with HTML and is sent to the user.

Open Source
PHP is an open source and widely used general purpose scripting language. It is used to create attractive and dynamic web pages.
Operating System
PHP easily runs on all operating system like windows, Linux, RISC OS or Mac OS X.

Current Version
Current version of PHP is 7.1.3 and has quite interesting features like:-

    • Return type declaration

    • Expectations

    • Constant array using define()

    • Spaceship operator

    • Closure::call()

    • Anonymous class

    PHP is installed on over millions of websites and approx. 1 million web servers. Top sites of PHP are Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, ProProfs and Digg. PHP is very popular programming language and has over 5 million of developer across world. These are some common facts that everyone should know about PHP though you can solve minor php problems too.

    Laravel, Faker, Codelgniter, DesignPaternsPHP or symphony are the popular framework of PHP. Netleon is one having gems of developer who can design your site in PHP as well.



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