Mobile applications testing


It is very important for a mobile development company to realize that they are designing the application to provide best user experience. It takes a lot to take into consideration before you deliver the actual product in the hands of the customer.

Bringing perfection for the product is only possible when a product goes through a process of rigorous testing. In the past couple of years we have seen a sudden rise in the demand of consumer applications and it is been practiced by almost every industry. If we talk about retail industry they are using it because it has a better reach. The media industry is all set to become 100% digital. In travel industry the booking, check-ins, deals and mapping is mostly done by smart devices using mobile application. The idea of virtual classroom has totally turned around the education industry, more applications are being created to cater the rising need of education industry.

With a paramount increase in the usage of mobile phones, the mobile applications have become a very critical part for all kinds of trade. Mobile applications are not just for the purpose of entertainment. Companies have realized the technical revolution and that’s why they have started moving in the same direction.
The reason why I was creating all the above scenes was because as per the study 60% of the mobile users will abandon your site or application if it doesn’t open within 5-6 seconds. And the chances of them returning ever is very little. It is important for you to provide seamless user experience when designing an application that means your application must run on every smart device. It would be total chaos if your application runs only on a limited number of products. Your application must be free from any type of virus, malware and bugs. One more thing if your application is easy to install and use then you are moving ahead from your competitors.
Now that we have understood the importance of application for any kind of business. It is important that we make sure that the end product should go through such a testing phase where numbers of methods are used to understand whether the product operates as per the expectations. The methods of testing might vary depending on the type of application or product.
Test case is the best way to probe about how a user will interact with a feature. The idea behind this probing is to identify all possible situations that the developer might had skipped or not considered. The process of performing test cases highlights the gaps in requirements and all other possibilities. The focus should remain on what a user might do with it, and what would be its outcome.

The testing is the most important phase of mobile application development as the company invests heavily on developing such apps, so equal attention should be paid on its performance post launch. By making effective use of testing services we can reduce a lot of trouble that might appear after the application is launched in the market.
A developer is totally focused on creating the application from the beginning to its end, so it is hard for him to take a Freshlook even after its completion, and this is where we take help of the testing. A Quality Analyst applies his fresh mind and thinking to probe or question the functioning nature of the application. The tester/QA will also include a person who was part of the development team from the beginning and knows all the technicalities about the application. To avoid any embarrassing situation post launching of the application a tester makes sure that the application is running well on each of the device it is intended for.



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