Necessary Skills for Mobile App Developer

Today mobile has taken place in everyone’s life just like purse and wallet. Development of in this field is increasing day by day and caliber person is required. Or can say trend demands for skilled engineers. If you are starting you career with mobile app developer you need to focus on many of the things. Here we will let you know the necessary skills that should be in professional developer.

Computer Science Degree or Equivalent

It’s not necessary to have a degree related to Computer Science and Engineering, practical knowledge is preferable- either you have done the diploma or other equivalent degree. At the time of interview a question can arise related to your degree. Make sure you are able to satisfy the interviewer by showing them your dedication towards the field.

Agile Methodology

If you are thinking to start your career in app development, you should familiar with agile methodologies. Some people are confused so for them let me discuss what is agile methodology?

“Agile is group of software or an umbrella of several incremental or iterative software development methodologies, it is based on constant solution shaped through relationship between cross function or self-organizing team.”

Major Platform

As mobile app developer you should be familiar with all the platforms like iOS, Windows, Android or Symbian. But as a starter you can choose any of one. Android or iOS is probably a good place to start your career.

Programming Language

Familiarity with front end development or modern language is required. Programming language like PHP, HTML5, JAVA, C#, Python is important.

Practice your Skills

You can practice your skills by developing your own apps and at the time of hiring session you can show that you are capable to develop an apps.

Share your Ideas

Come up with reason and idea behind you app like DocScan is an app that is developed for people who needs to scan and store their documents. Recipe apps is useful for people who love cooking and want to try some different food.

Keep Focus on Usability

An apps need to be easy to use by client. And users love the apps that are simple and easy to use. Try to focus on the usability of apps. Clear buttons, color or navigation is essential in good app.

UI Skills

Good design matters a lot!!! Try to search online or take help of tutorials to improve your UX/UI skills. It makes higher chances of selling of an app.




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