Performance Metrics of Mobile App: Front-end and Back-end


In the battle for innovation and become accustomed to the modern technology trends, trades are strongly apt towards mobile strategy. This trend has given rise to in the conception of apps for cellular phone and tablets. Industries strongly inclined by mobile revolution comprise education, real estate, logistics & distribution, healthcare and retail.

There is millions of app available for each and every domain. Hence not all of them are installed in user’s phone but still they have been created by developers as user only install the app they frequently used like online shopping apps, taxi apps, online food ordering apps and so forth. Do your ever think why these apps are found in every one phones and why not other, what can be the reason for this insight. Though the apps are same and have similar features or functionality but why only few them are popular and other are lesser. Out of 2.6 million apps in play store of Google and only 85 free apps and 28 apps that are paid have more than 100 million downloads, while only 19 apps are in top category.

The reason of this discrimination can be the performance and robustness let’s discuss the performance metrics that will outline the working of app.

 Front end Performance Metrics

Response Time

For better response time avoid using of heavy components like flash in your mobile phones, decrease the availability of objects on page for lesser HTTP requests.

 Resource Consumption

Apps that consume more resources are less preferred by users. Developers are requested to develop the app that do not consume much battery or space.

Screen Rendering

To achieve the good response time, you app should be screen rendering. Ask few questions from yourself as a developer:-

  • Is the font size consistent?
  • What is the meaning of time to rendering?
  • Are image scaled down appropriately?

Back end Performance Metrics

Time to First Byte

TTFB- time to First Byte is a time when user requests a specific data and information is fetched o screen. The response time of app will be faster if TTFB is lesser.

Connections Times

Proper management of connection to back-end with good latency or bandwidth is essential. Opening too many connections at same time can be an issue so its better to create TCP connections.

DNS lookups

DNS takes 120 to 400 milliseconds to process which is entirely equal to download multiple requests. But a browser is still not able to download anything. Can say it takes lot of time to perform on mobile networks in respect to wired networks. If we reduce the DNS lookups we can improve the performance speed.

HTTP Requests/Calls

It takes long time for communicating with server but slow down the performance of app. The only solution is to reduce the HTTP requests to ignore the crashes in app and their response time.

Developers too can avoid the HTTP 404 error issue or cookies for static components which ensure the resources of serve are not wasted.



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