PhoneGap the best choice for enterprise mobile app development

So what’s your business like? Is it a startup or a fully organized enterprise? Have you ever felt a need to have an application built to run your business properly? It is important as you need to target a large number of people who may be using different mobile operating system for Windows, iOS, Android &. If you are not ready to shell out a big amount to develop the same application repeatedly for multiple platforms then you should consider PhoneGap. This is a perfect solution as it works on all three. In this article we are going to understand how useful is PhoneGap and what makes it so adorable.

PhoneGap is a mobile development framework through which a developer can write codes that enables an application to run on different platforms. This reduces the work load of writing different codes for a single app.
We would now found the reason that makes PhoneGap a perfect mobile development tool and why is it preferred by most of the start-up enterprises and business houses.

Cost effective & Result oriented Using PhoneGap you can deploy your application over multiple platforms and that even without making a whole in your pocket. As we have learned this very well that a developer needs to write code for a single application only, which saves a lot of time that can be used for other productive activities.
Quick & Easy Deployment It is easy to deploy PhoneGap unto your application and that too in a speedy manner. So all you need to do is to work on the coding for one time and launch it on different platforms.

Synchronized User Interface The success of any application depends a lot on its User Interface. An application that looks great and gives an excellent experience across different platforms becomes the most prized and valuable asset. It is important to make the application look familiar no matter its being accessed from any part of the world. PhoneGap helps your application display the same look and feel on any given operating system.

Only requires basic skills of web development
Unlike other native applications a developer is not required to learn new skills to work on Phonegap. You need to have a requisite knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to carry out the development work on PhoneGap. This leaves you with no trouble to hire more experts or application developers.

The application built with PhoneGap utilizes the mobile platform’s web view to display content. This makes the content appear similar and identical on every platform just like any other web page. The controls can be tailored for multiple platforms. PhoneGap comes well equipped with various plugins to support device capabilities such as;

  1. Accelerometer
  2. Camera
  3. Contacts
  4. File system
  5. Network availability
  6. Media playback and recording

These were the strong points that makes PhoneGap remarkable to develop enterprise mobile Application. Netleon Technologies is best recognized for its development expertise on PhoneGap as we have helped many a companies in building PhoneGap mobile applications. The services we offer include PhoneGap eCommerce, PhoneGap app Development and PhoneGap plug-ins.



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