Pronto Tax

Pronto Tax was founded in 2015 by a team if tech-savvy CPA’s and tax preparers. The team that founded Pronto Tax has been in the industry for more than 40 years and filed returns for more than 5,000 customers over the years. Our team wanted a simpler & easier alternative to long waiting \ at … Continue reading “Pronto Tax”

Pacificshore Ventures

PacificShore Ventures is a global specialty finance firm committed to innovation, strategy, and teamwork. We provide financial solutions for private equity, mid-market, and venture-backed businesses, in every sector. Our successful investments are built on the growth of each company, and our competence and expertise will deliver quality capital backing from many reputable institutional lenders. Our … Continue reading “Pacificshore Ventures”

Hss Fair Jaipur

The fair and the pre-fair programs are the great leap forward in connecting Hindu spirituality to contemporary challenges. The Fair will be thematic in features, original in exposition and contemporary in message. The several programmes including the pre-fair ones integrated into the fair will philosophically explain and practically expound how Hindu spiritual values and the … Continue reading “Hss Fair Jaipur”

Krishna Indian Cooking

I am Neema Laad, I grew up in a home filled with spice aromas in Rajasthan. I learnt cooking since I was a child and my senses grow while playing with spices. Gradually in my teenage, cooking became my passion. I always wondered how a combination of spices and herbs can enlighten our taste buds … Continue reading “Krishna Indian Cooking”

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Ploceus Interior

At Ploceus Home Designs we first learn your need and then indicate-plan-&-execute to creatively beautify your home that will enchant your family and friends making it the perfect come back destination. A home touched by the ‘Ploceus Magic’ secures you not only the vital attention of your world but also the comfort for your loved … Continue reading “Ploceus Interior”

Finance Now

The website developed in wordpress, we designed the layout and wordpress theme. We used css3 effects to make the theme attractive.

Keshav Vidyapeeth

Keshav Vidyapeeth is a Group of institutions established in the memory of Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar  (Founder of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh-RSS) on 19th March 1988 in Jaipur on his Birth Centenary . The campus of  Vidyapeeth is spread in 100 Acres of landin the lap of  nature in Arawali hills near a pious and holy place Galta Ji, which … Continue reading “Keshav Vidyapeeth”