India Foundation

India Foundation is an independent research centre focussed on the issues, challenges and opportunities of the Indian polity. The Foundation believes in understanding contemporary India and its global context through a civilizational lens of a society on the forward move. Based on the principles of independence, objectivity and academic rigour, the Foundation aims at increasing … Continue reading “India Foundation”

Ram Madhav

Former Member of the National Executive, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Has been the Senior Functionary, Media interface, Interlocutor for the intelligentsia for the RSS Active Journalist and writer for over twenty years Author of several books Facilitation of Strategic Think-tanks Experience of organizational and public positions

Cities And Seashells

Cities and Seashells is the ultimate escape for the wanderlust.  Whether you are planning a vacation or need some inspiration, you have  arrived at the right destination. Follow along for tips and  recommendations from Frequent Travelers on hotels, restaurants and  hidden gems around the globe. Explore the food, culture and style and  start planning your … Continue reading “Cities And Seashells”

Naya India

Nayaindia. com bring to you live news  with sharp analysis and bold presentation.  News unbaised from personal inclination, associations and presumptions, news  unclamoured of opinions and appeasement.  We present the world and happenings around you in the puresent form.

Sewa International USA

Sewa International USA is a hindu faith-based humanitarian non-profit service organization with 501 (C)-3 registration in the US which providing service to all irrespective of race, nationality, religion, or sex. With international presence and several partner NGOs, Sewa International can provide aid in many other parts of the World. Donations to Sewa International are tax … Continue reading “Sewa International USA”

We Speak News is a collection of advanced and powerful news that deliver unassailable, various and optically engaging stories on your platform of choice. Basically inspired initiative that incite by a belief of two individuals who believe there’s lot of newsworthy information useable worldwide which is destitute of identification by democratic media.

Fair Observer

We are a journal attempting the impossible. The historic role of the fourth estate is to inform and educate. Today, it is not enough to know about one’s neighborhood, city or country. The destinies of over 7 billion people are increasingly intertwined. In fact, with the daily extinction of numerous species, the future of the … Continue reading “Fair Observer”

News Raja

News Raja is a site where you can see all the latest news updates.