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We work to achieve goals for clients.

Monitoring tool and Management Information system for World Bank & Govt of Rajasthan, India

Govt of Rajasthan, India wanted to enhance economic opportunities and empowerment of the rural poor with focus on women and marginalized groups of rajasthan with the help of IT based monitoring tools.

MIS & Mobile Application for World Bank funded Project

DoNER Ministry with the help of World Bank hired us to develop Monitoring tool and Data collection tool from rural ground. Project name is NERLP (North East Rural Livelihood Project)

700% boost to website traffic with Mittal Commerce Classes online classes platform

After transforming Mittal Commerce Classes’s website into a clean and user friendly site that generated leads, we boosted organic traffic even further with a centralised place for its fantastic and user oriented content.

Complete renovation in Web Portal for Clothes.

We developed an ecommerce website for clothes company they wanted to clean and simple website for clothes products and we delivered.

Complete renovation in Web Portal for Cryptocurrency coins news.

We developed an news info website for cryptocurrency they wanted to clean and simple website for cryptocurrency news and we delivered.

Complete renovation in Web Portal for Blockchain Holding.

We developed an company website for holding company they wanted to clean and simple website for blockchain and holding company and we delivered.

Complete renovation in Web Portal for Books.

We developed an ecommerce website for books selling company they wanted to clean and simple website for books products and we delivered.

Complete website rebuild for Fair Observer & better google presence

Fair Observer team wanted a new, attractive, user-friendly website that would make it easy to search their thousands of articles, and also improve their Google presence.

New Mobile App and Website for world class Empyreal Club

A modern club & Hotel wanted a platform like mobile app & website to attract visitors to join their club and Social Media Planning for leads.

450% Growth in Organic Traffic for News Portal Naya India

We promised to get load faster and redesign story pages to attract news lovers. Naya India is now famous for opinions and meaningful satire. We boosted organic traffic for them and they got more Ads.

Complete Renovated website portal dedicated to new system of medicine

This new medicine system looking for attraction of patients and we provided them right place right content. Now they are on Top for Electropathy search results.

Increased Sales through e-commerce website

Client approached us to reduce their backend management activities and increase sales through website, and he got 150% increase in sale in just 6 months of time.

Optimized Mobile App & Website to load faster & 200% growth in organic traffic

India’s fastest growing digital news platform Live India was facing slow loading complains from visitors and lost traffic, we came into the picture to optimized whole setup and they got stable 200% growth in traffic including low management cost.

Magazine Subscription Based Mobile App & Website Portal

Ayurveda Magazine was looking for engaging website and subscription based mobile application.

Complete renovation in Web Portal for Political Personality Ram Madhav.

RamMadhav (Political Leader) want to improve their online presence and user friendly website. Now they are getting double traffic on website and regular visitors to check activities of Mr. RamMadhav.

Complete Renovation of Job Portal for Tower Climbers

TowerClimber wanted to make it more user friendly for their clients, Now they are collecting resumes faster than ever, and search is more smooth.

Reduced Bounce rate for E-commerce Portal CharlesOWO

E-commerce portal wanted to make it attractive and need to reduce bounce rate, we developed engaging website with all ecommerce features, now Bounce rate is only 30%.

Digital Marketplace for Animations, Games & CG

We developed a digital marketplace for high quality training & resources by the worlds best artists. Now 3d Designers are listing their products and earning well.

Catalog for Surgical Health instruments

They were looking for best catalog web portal where they can assist their clients about their new products easily. They turned up their 70% clients now through website.

More Client interaction for Leading Online PR Distribution Network

Client wanted to change business pattern from offline to online so they can earn more. We developed auto updated network of press releases and paid subscription model for companies. Now EPW engaging more clients.

Complete renovation in Web Portal for Sports Drink.

We developed an ecommerce website for sports drink company they wanted to clean and simple website for sports drink products and we delivered.