Professional Development Firms v/s Freelancer

This must have been quite a confusion for you at the start when creating a website for yourself that whether you should hire a professional development firm or a freelancer. A good amount of money is required to build websites and there are millions of options through which you can choose. Hundreds of freelancers & service providers claim to build for you your dream website but what you actually get is nothing but blues. Never make a hasty decision always grab some information about the trade before you invest your money on it. The question is whom should you hire a freelancer or instead a professional development company? In this article we are going to analyze one by one the benefits of both.

Professional Development Firms


  1. With a professional development firm you would be signing a contract that demands a complete work followed by different stages. And all these stages are pre defined that means a blueprint has to be prepared in advance before you start the project. This makes your work easy & simple as both the parties know that the project needs to be delivered before the deadline.
  2. A professional development firm provides complete package of solution from web consulting, hosting, SEO, eCommerce and many others. The chances of a freelancer helping you after the delivery of work is very wee. Whereas a development firm would take the onus even after the completion of the project.
  3. A well established firm can be easily located with the help of pin code, address & their website.
  4. Every project has different elements and at times it needs proper attention with expertise that comes through experience.
  5. In a team there’s always an advantage that if some particular task is not getting completed then there would be someone who would help them with their expertise to accomplish the task.
  6. To take an example a professional firm would have different teams to perform a specific task. A team of designers and a team of coders & developers, testers, analysts, content writers, seo experts and many more depending on the size of the firm.
  7. If you have started an online retail business and you just want to focus on the marketing and delivery then partnering with a professional development firm would be a wise decision as they will be available at your dispense any time of the day. And you don’t need to hire a team.




  1. A freelancer however doesn’t like to be bounded under any specific guideline or a policy to deliver the project because simultaneously he needs to work on other projects that he has undertaken. A freelancer is multi tasking person who keeps on working throughout the day.
  2. Whereas a freelancer is only capable of providing his sole service of development that to as per his capability. If you are getting your project done by an individual then you need to be sure that you have better contacts to cover the rest of the work as it will leads to projects backlog and create more delay. Plus you will need to manage different people all at a single time which will become very hideous.
  3. But the same would not be always possible in case of a free lancer.
  4. While giving away your work you need to be careful that the person to whom you have assigned your project is experienced and fully capable of working alone.
  5. But a freelancer would be solely responsible for the entire project and it’s all up to him to tackle any problem that comes along his way.
  6. This is one man show, where there are no obligations, structured methodology or any kind of systematic reporting format. As per the reports released by IRS, it is stated that completion of a project when given to a freelancer is very unpredictable.
  7. Now use your imagination to draw the conclusion about what quality would you receive when working with a freelancer.



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