What is see through holographics

The world is immensely getting benefited by the technology and the latest trend to which the world is getting addicted and using smart devices like mobile, tablets, laptops and smart televisions. But little have any of us imagined what the future would be like once we explore the Holographic technology. This would be a dream come true that brings infinite capabilities to the users of touch screen devices. It would not just entertain you but help in understanding things better. To put an example, imagine the students of junior high school understanding the concept of volcano and with the help of Holographic visuals they are able to see the formation and eruption closely. A surgeon who is able to demonstrate a crucial step of the surgery from remote location. And simultaneously building the 3D models of big structures that gives you very close look at each block from every corner.

This is all going to take place in your 4 inch Android phone. You would be able to touch and control the images. There is only one obstruction and that is the MEDIA which is required to put things on air. We can’t take a projector everywhere but don’t’ forget that from the days of a Paper & a Pen we are now living in the ages of Emails.

It has been in the news for a while that Apple has already started working on 3D Holographic display projection. They are working on “Presence Detection System” which allows the iPhone & iPad to project laser based keyboard onto the table. It works as good as a physical keyboard. We have all grown up watching movies like Starwars and use to imagine that such technology does even exists. All these gadgets will bring out that little kid inside you and bring alive your old memories. All you got to do is to imagine.

Along with Apple there are several other companies who have joined the race like Intel & Samsung. At the IDF conference held at San Francisco, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich stated that computing and computing experience is becoming personalized. And this has given them 3 key assumptions that are:

  1. Sensification
  2. Smart & connected
  3. Extensions of You

Sensification: Intel is trying to make computing become ultra personnel for you. Enabling the computing experience with touch, sound & sight. This would allow you to feel the displayed image just like you touch an object.
Smart & Connected: Intel has also revealed information about some of the most interesting 5G wireless revolution. This would totally transform the way we use wireless gadgets using high bandwidth. This will connect the entire world without limits.
Extension of You: It’s about the upcoming technology & wearable gadgets through which you would be able to stay connected with your devices anytime anywhere.

The progress in the path of developing sense technology will require more creativity and innovation which will open a new world of endless opportunities for those who are related to this industry. This even tells us how quickly and rapidly we are moving towards a bright future. At Netleon Technologies we provide solutions for web & mobile. If you want to develop an application that is future proof and contains essential features of fabulous user experience. Then simply reach out to tell us your requirements and we will build an application for you that looks like a masterpiece.



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