Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to your Ecommerce Site

If you run an eCommerce Business, you were possibly aware of role that social media plays in evolution of online shopping. Everyone is looking for increasing traffic to their ecommerce site these days but social media is not that much easy. Below is the list of social media tactics to drive traffic to any site.

Landing Page

When a person visits your site, landing page is one of the powerful and attractive page that attract visitors. It should be simple or short so that person visiting your eCommerce website can get what they are in search of.

Contest Technique

You can organize a social contest on your site and promote it online. It is very useful technique.

Hash tags

Hashtags help contents to discover frequently on social media. They attract traffic or expand the reach of your article. But make sure there is not too much hashtags.

Leveraging Data

Your site’s investigation give an abundance of data on client conduct, including where your web-based social networking activity is originating from, which sorts of substance get the most perspectives, and when guests draw in with the substance. You can utilize this information to post specific substance now and again that get the most engagement on each individual stage.

Interact with Followers

Social media is the only platform where you can interact with millions. Give reply to your followers question or revert back with comments. This is the best way to show how truly you care about your followers.


One of the best techniques is to maintain an active blog. A single blog can push dozens of post that engage followers.

Short and Sweet Article

Article that you share should be concise in manner, so that your followers can share them. Max of the people love to share short and sweet post. You can insert images into your blog too.

Paid Advertising

Take your social media to the next level with Facebook, LinkedIn ads, if you have budget. These paid advertising can boost your website traffic.

This article tells what purpose does marketing play in building a successful business or impact of social media on an ecommerce.




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