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0223-03_test_website_speed_pingdomPerformance and speed of a website goes hand in hand. It often gets overlooked, but we all know that the website performance is very case sensitive. It is not mandatory that every visitor of your website has a fast and dependable connection. The speed of the internet connection varies with different service providers. And many of the visitors will be using connections with variable speed. This is a hard truth in todays working environment. So what’s the solution for this problem, well the solution lies in the problem itself and that is speed up your website. Inthis article we will discuss the tricks through which you can evaluate your website’s performance.

Use the Evaluating Tools: You need to understand the present condition of your website as that is the first step to improve its performance. These are some useful tools that will help you inyour cause.

Webpage Test: It’s not just a website but a usefool source to learn all the great methods that helps in enhancing your site’s performance. (http://www.webpagetest.org/)

Pingdom Website Speed Test: (http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/)
This website helps in gauging the size of the website & the speed of downloading. Plus it helps you to render your website by showing all its resources like image, Javascript, CSS,

What does my site cost? (http://whatdoesmysitecost.com/)
If your website has an international audience, then you should must give in a try to this website. This site will put a dollars amount on the data that is downloaded from your website and lets you see the cost it would incur in different countries.
So if you have evaluated your website then its time to look at other areas of improvement.

These days you must would have noticed that on an average the size of a website has reached up to 2 MB and the factor behind it are the images used for the same. In order to improve the downloading speed of your website you need to simply slim down the size of the images. This for sure would help in reducing the downloading size of a particular page in a website.
Rest do ensure that the image used in your website is small, as per the size of the file, use them in form of GIF, JPEG and PNG. Make sure these are well optimized for web delivery. Your focus should be kept on reducing the size of the file as much as you can. This will help in delivering beautiful images if planned properly. You must also try to explore new image formats like SVG, WEBP. These formats helps you in minimizing the entire size of an image of the page.

Using a web font, the designer can access a wide range of typeface which can be used in the website to serve their purpose. This is great if we see it from the angle of design variety, but can lead us to to a wrong direction by increasing the time of loading of a website. Whenever you use a new web font on your site it needs to be retreived from the server in order to load it back to the page. So be careful when using multiple fonts on a single page as it hampers the speed of the download.

You must have seen beautiful animation effects like a slide show or a Carousel display at the homepage of the website. These effects adds a WOW factor to the website but you might need to pay a price by sacrificing the download speed. The reason being it first needs to download the image on the page and then at the backend the javascripts plays the effects of animation.
As per the findings we believe that carousels are less effective and by removing such effects you can gain a decent amount of downloading speed without any adverse impacton the site. From the perspective of downloading performance, a single image on your homepage’s placard area is prefered more against an animated carousel.

Web Hosting
The components of the webpage are not the only governing reason that affects your site’s performance. In this case your website hosting provider also plays an equaly important role. You can take help from evaluation tools that were before mentioned in this article to identify those points which you can apply onto your website’s hosting server. You may share these finding with your provider(server) to check what they can do at their end to boost the performance of your website.

Making your website run faster and improving its downloading speed is a great acheivement. It also reflects how sharp is that team that is working on its back-end. Being a professional it is your responsibility to make sure that the web pages are loading quickly for any kind of users. It shouldn’t be a matter what device or connection service they are using.



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