How to Build a Restaurant Guide App like Zomato

Here is brief guide on the requirements that need to build an app like Zomato. When you talk about the restaurant guide app there is nothing like the feature of Zomato. This is the application that grew into a social food community with higher level of user engagement, Food is one of the basic need … Continue reading “How to Build a Restaurant Guide App like Zomato”

Android O Beta is Available for Users

Android O is now available as Beta to be used by all of us. Now here is an opportunity to deliver the primary features and to use or test by users. Actually the version is already in market but as a developer preview but now we can now we finally can use as a user. … Continue reading “Android O Beta is Available for Users”

Hey Siri, Google Assistant is on iPhone Now

Google announced on Wednesday that now Google Assistant is available for iPhone. It competes with Siri and allows users to check weather, booking tickets, book restaurant or more. Already Google Assistant is available on Google Home or Android OS. But can say Apple still has one leg-up with Siri as it can be activated through … Continue reading “Hey Siri, Google Assistant is on iPhone Now”

Cyberattack Impact on India- “WannaCry” Rasomware

You must have heard “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. The WannaCry ransome attack is an ongoing cyber-attack of rasomware computer worm targeting the widows OS. The attack flows on 12-May, 2017 and affect more than 230,000 computers in approx. 150 countries. Many businesses were affected by this and RBI asked banks … Continue reading “Cyberattack Impact on India- “WannaCry” Rasomware”

What is MAC Address? Where MAC is Stored

What is MAC Address? MAC- Media Access Control is unique identifier that is assigned to network interface for communication at data link layer and is used as network address. It is often referred as a hardware or physical address. MAC’s are of 48-bit or 6 bytes and are written in MM:MM:MM:SS:SS:SS format. The first 3 … Continue reading “What is MAC Address? Where MAC is Stored”

Which is the Best WordPress Popup Plugin? 

WP Popup Plugin is the most beautiful and easy to create popup plugin to create different pages. Through this we can make more popups of different styles and for different attractive pages. This plugin is free of cost, open source and is world renowned plugin. This is the superb plugin to make your website beautiful … Continue reading “Which is the Best WordPress Popup Plugin? “

5 Ways that IoT is Reshaping Today’s Insurance Proposition

Global insurance industries is inflowing a different phase of disruptive changes driven by the IoT- Internet of Things. In last fifteen years insurance industry has experienced significant technology-driven change. IoT is changing the nature of insurance An IoT can change the fundamental nature of insurance propositions. Here are some of the methods in which internet … Continue reading “5 Ways that IoT is Reshaping Today’s Insurance Proposition”

WhatsApp is down and the internet is freaking out

The hot news is whatsapp is down and causing issues for millions across the world. In many places it’s totally not working and in few places its connecting to screen only or can say internet is not the issue. Today whatsapp is need of every single person; they don’t think their life without. And sudden … Continue reading “WhatsApp is down and the internet is freaking out”

Use Any Email to Access Yahoo Mail App Now

Users can access their Yahoo mail now with Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address. This is the latest of Yahoo and the team is always looking to create new features that help people to stay organized. To create a Yahoo account and access new features tap your Gmail or Outlook account and allow Yahoo to … Continue reading “Use Any Email to Access Yahoo Mail App Now”