The technological world of apple – WWDC 2015

The technology is getting revolutionized by the constant changes that apple has made for the mobile industry. Apple has opened new gates to witness the future of integrated features that inspires people to be tech savvy. World Wide Developers conference commonly known as WWDC is an event that is hosted by Apple every year, this year the event took place in Sanfrancisco in the month of June. In this event Apple’s renowned developers community came together to learn about the future of iOS & OS X. This year the event featured more than 100 technical sessions. This year the event was very important as the world’s most renowned development team of Apple appeared to share their knowledge about the future of iOS and OS X.

In this conference Apple introduced some of the most sensational features that explain its dominance in technical advancement over others. People have always expected more and something unique from Apple. This was seen as a comeback of Apple to give answer to its rivals by revealing some of the most comprehensive features that surely looked like a technical marvel. With all its energy, Apple has raised the bar of technical development standards by excelling and giving something new to world of technology.

Apple Music: They have reached miles in creating perfect entertainment solution for music lovers. And like every time they have leaved a milestone for their competitors. This time Apple has also designed its music for Android smart phone owners as they are keen on to reach out to the maximum number of audience with its “Beats 1 Radio Station”. This is surely going to make you groove on to the latest tracks and give you an everlasting experience. In fact they intend to move beyond by providing easy selection facility from what Google play has released a recent back. It was a superb experience to learn what this technology giant has to offer to its audience and with the environment totally filled with enthusiasm and energy adds a spark in the event.

Apple Music Connect: Any music lover would like to connect to their favorite music artist. It would come as a blessing if you get a chance to build a link with your ideal star. Now taking this into consideration Apple music has taken initiative to reduce the gap in between the artist and his followers. Apple is using cloud computing (sound cloud) that will enable faster connectivity. It is going to act as a platform for social networking that helps the fan/followers to share their views with their favorite artist and stay connected. This amazing feature is giving a chance to all the music lovers to live up their lifestyle and exhibit their passion towards music. Apple is boon for music industry.

Evernote: Managing abundant notes with more information or features earlier used to be very critical. But with the arrival of Evernote from Apple, making notes will become easy by creating sketches, adding images and the maps, making a checklist makes it very appealing.

Apple Maps: Apple has made commendable changes in its mapping system. It is now advanced and allows non-car commuters to zero in to the location along with the position of their destination. In this way, Apple has given number of reasons to its competitors especially Google to make further development in their mapping services.

Shifting from Android to Apple: A new application was launched by Apple which is posing a tough competition for Android. It’s called “Moving to iOS”, It allows the users of mobile phone to switch their operating system from Android to Apple. It provides assistance with message, history, calendars, wallpaper, songs, books and email and helps in transferring it to the iOS without any difficulty. This facilitates a user to switch between different operating systems without any risk of losing the data. It is safe and doesn’t pose any threat.

Intelligent Search System: Apple is in a full mood to give a tough time to Google. They are bolstering their intelligent search system with the help of proactive on iOS 9. It comes with a very interesting feature through which Apple will be able to analyze the need of a user on the ground of situation and make prediction using the information of the users past behavior. To match the technical needs of the users, a lot of smart work is required and this is what you can expect from Apple as they have poured all their energy in developing features to give their competitors a good run for money.

Apple News: The world is changing constantly and so is its nature. It is important to keep up with the latest information from around the world. Now understanding the impact of news in our life “Apple News” is designed in such a way that it allows the users to choose their favorite publisher and topics from a given list. This is a very convenient way to set your priorities as per your interest.

Apple’s Pay expansion and Wallet: This again is a new concept laid by Apple to smoothen the payment process and make money transfer easy. Apple has partnered with Pinterest for Buyable pin programs and square for payment reader. Apple is determined to overtake the payment mode plans and processes available in the market which is mostly ruled by Google.

Overall the WWDCwas a spectacular event where Apple showcased its capability and the preparation that it has developed for the coming time. They are bound to give a full swing to the world of technology. The rivals of Apple are already facing a tough time to match up to their ideology for innovation. That’s not all Apple is also enabling more and more people learn their technology of designing & developing framework to make them realize and understand the powerful technology working behind plus the reputation that this tech giant carries in the market. They already have come out with lots of development, I have already begin thinking what this event would unfold next year.



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