Things you should check when buying a WordPress Theme

WordPress is an open source platform that provides number of free plugin to download and install. Many users love it because of its simple code and beautiful simple architecture. The main thing is you don’t require any programming skill.

It avail many features like allows you to edit, add, delete contents at present or in future too. You can add number of pages and wordpress is useful for blogging task.

WordPress is versatile Content Management System and as the reason of- most popular theme in the world. When it comes to the designing section, it allows everyone to behave like a webmaster by using such themes or plugins. Among various themes its quite complicated to choose the best suitable theme. At initial level you might get stuck or confused- to buy a theme or alternative is to use a free theme? What color to choose? How to design an attractive menu? Question will continue rise with every next step. But don’t feel upset it’s a sign of positivity that you want to make your site best one.

Criteria that you should consider before buying the premium WordPress Theme:-

Esthetics Needs
At the beginning first check out the themes matches you all requirement . Don’t pick just by alluring title.
If you are beginner you can take help from expert. We as Netleon Technologies have an experts who are working on WordPress since a long and they see the world in different way. They can pick the theme that suits your needs within a minute.

The first and core thing is to check the price. If the selected theme is costly no worries you can find them from other place. There are dozens of marketplace where you can get theme that fix your budget.

There are many themes with the fix price and other will be paid for monthly or yearly basis.

Page Builders
It allows drag and drop interface and user can create various page layouts through that. Some of the WordPress themes include the built-in page builders but they have a drawback too. They produce code that are not in use and because of that we need to switch to a new one. If you have an interest to use page builder you can buy is separately.
SEO Friendliness and Responsiveness
Every wordpress theme should be responsive but still there are few of them which aren’t. Before finalizing the theme check how the theme work on different sizes of screens.

Its also possible the theme you like most have poor HTML code which can affect the speed or performance od site. And it is not SEO optimized- face issue at the time of ranking.

Make sure the theme you are buying has a consistent documentation. It can h elp you how to use a theme in quick manner.

Compatibility with Browser
This is also the cool option. Keep it in mind your website is viewed by many users and they use different browsers such as chrome, Firefox, safari or IE. Your possibility should be your website is able to run on any browser.

If they are working fine on 1-2 browser but not running on other you can get a negative impact of visitors. Browser compatibility is written with the theme you purchased, read the features or functionality in depth and if not try to check out by yourself.

Blog or Website Based Theme
Some of the wordpress themes are specially designed for blog and websites. You also have option to convert a website theme into blog sites.

If you are only looking for a website based theme then search by saying business, corporate or CMS themes.

Reviews and Comment
After checking the desired features, confirm what other says about that theme. You will get lot of reviews or comment on premium themes which can help you to choose. You though can find the answers related to your question from FAQ.



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