Top Changes in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6

A variety of changes have been assimilated in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6. Both are rebuilt from scratch to support the changing methods and technological agreements. It is cross-platform, open-source and work on cloud. Asp.Net 5 is considered significant-release of Asp.Net over .Net framework.

In this article you will have glimpse of every minor changes and updates made in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6.

Asp.Net on Linux and OSX:
The app of ASP.NET 5 can be executed on Linux and OSX along with Windows.
Startups make use of Linux and OSX and traditional developers were still working on windows. Developers or designers can create their app with 5 in WebStorm or Sublime Text.

No Web Forms
I have spent my life on web forms applications building but now it’s over. ASP.NET Web Forms is not part of ASP.NET 5.

In this new version of you will not found web forms. You can still create web forms through visual studio with .net framework 4.6.

No More Visual Basic

Now is the time to say goodbye to Visual Basic. Asp.Net 5 only supports C# and it left the Visual Basic behind.

Support for Client-Side development:
If you ask any expert developer which client-side framework is best to create Single Page Applications then the answer will be Angular JS. ASP.NET 5 is mixed with AngularJS and it allows you to create SPAs.

Tag Helpers
It is one of the biggest features that have impact on the way that you create your views in an ASP.NET. To use traditional MVC helpers tag helpers are best alternative.

In above example the Html.BeginForm(), HTML.LabelFor() tag helpers are used to create the form.

Unified Web API and MVC Controllers and View Components:
The web API controllers were different than the MVC controllers in other versions of MVC and it uses System.Web.MVC.Controller class whereas Web API uses the System.Web.Gttp.ApiController class.
If we talk about MVC 6 no longer subcontrollers are needed instead it include view component. In ASP.NET MVC Html.Action() method are called by subcontroller where it is not invoked by MVC 6.



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