Use Any Email to Access Yahoo Mail App Now

Users can access their Yahoo mail now with Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address. This is the latest of Yahoo and the team is always looking to create new features that help people to stay organized.

To create a Yahoo account and access new features tap your Gmail or Outlook account and allow Yahoo to synchronize emails in mail app.

Yahoo mail app is available in App Store of iOS- 4.15 and Google Play of Android- 5.15.

In February, Yahoo also launched caller ID and image upload feature for yahoo app. It helps user to identify the details of caller and access their phone camera roll on desktop. This new feature will show who is calling either the number of person is not saved in your device.

Contact information is used by Yahoo from emails. As soon as the person contacts you, their name will surface with the call and Yahoo Mail will update names in your smartphone’s call history. When you dial the number it will show automatically.

Once if you have enable this feature, you camera gallery will be available instantly when you access yahoo mail.

The Yahoo mail app has several new features and below is few of them:-

Relevant search results: – You can spend less time to search your previous/older emails just by using keywords.

Contacts: – Yahoo displays the contact cards that are easily editable. It will detect the email addresses and phone numbers linked to that particular person.

People-only notifications: – You will get notification when you get mail from any person rather than a company or newsletters.

Personalized themes and stationery: – Make your inbox more personalized with custom themes.

Multiple mailbox management: – If you are old user of yahoo don’t forget to connect the account with Gmail or Outlook or other emails.

Customizable swipes: – When you swipe right or left choose the action that appears at the moment. The step includes delete, archive or move.

Ditch your password: – Never take stress if you forgot your password. Enable the account key for secure or password-free sign in.



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