Want to develop an app like Uber Know the cost and other details

Thinking to start a travel business!! Want to know the cost of apps like Uber?? We come across this question and our answer is ….. Depends!! Uber has motivated many entrepreneurs to create an app similar to Uber. Before getting in details or to know about the cost it is essential to know the components also called “On-Demand apps”. You can have them in your app or not choice is yours.

Netleon is expert and best Mobile App Development Company in India. We have designed and developed many apps like Uber. Involvement of multiple stakeholders makes this platform difficult to design.

Let’s go ahead to have a quick look on the designing cost of Uber for X. The initial thing to design the clone of Uber app is to build two somewhat different apps that would be connecting to your admin portal. One is for driver and other one for passenger. Considering the following variables you can get the compatible answer of your question:-

Tell me the business vertical you are struggling for?

If we overheard from client they want to have a uber clone app, we assume you might have interest in transportation business.

Sometime it is difficult to find a script based approach and come up with the solution of top-down approach. The certain modules like matching, scheduling, payments, tracking, signup, reviews or notification forms a backbone of such solutions. And this is the reason we create backend codes that are structured to take care of use cases.

Evolution of On-Demand apps?

Whenever you ask to design app like Uber, need to follow the evolution model and go through the mentioned 4 stages.

  • Discovery
  • Validation
  • Efficiency
  • Scale

Cost and Development Time

Approximately 120-140 hrs are required to build an app.  Depending on the hours rate it may cost:-

2345 Rs/ per hour and 4020 Rs/ per hour

Design and UI/UX

If you want a pretty app the design should be simple, smooth or intuitive. You can include the key features too.

  • Familiarity
  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Digestibility

Technology Stack Used

For iOS

Use Bluetooth beacon and WI-FI functionality to pin location.

For region monitoring Core Location framework is used.

To suggest best routes MapKit framework is used.

For Android

Google Location Services API to pin user’s location.

Google Maps Android API to build routes.

Passenger App Include

Passenger app contains features like:-

  • Payment
  • Login page/Registration
  • Fare Calculator
  • Messaging
  • Ride History
  • Push Notification

Driver App Include

Driver app feature include unique features such as:-

  • Reports
  • Order Alert
  • Navigation
  • Driver Profile
  • Status
  • Estimation






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