Ways to Shrink Your IT Budget without Killing Progress

Guys, if you are looking for ideas on how to reduce IT spending without breaking the progress, this article will be helpful for you.

• Deploy open source
By implementing open source you can save money but don’t think it will move you backward. Enterprise companies are accepting open source in wholesale fashion for the reason that it is the tech of future.

• Virtualize your servers
Go for virtual process instead of replacing or repairing. Though you can save the hardware cost and backups will be easier.

• Re-purpose resources
Old desktop can be used to create a powerful Linux cluster. If needed networking cables can be repaired and can sell the old desktop machines on eBay.

• Individualize your budget items
Most of the people break their budget into smaller chunks. If you need to shave away cautiously, you can break it further into different items. To make this process succeed assign the items to a member of department who has an intimate understanding of individual piece.

• Outsource to data centers
If you have spent or been spending money on licenses for example Microsoft and that is costing you the higher percentage of the budget than migrate a local server to hosted server.

• Go Google
There are many options that help you to save money. However, the savings can come to fruition in various ways.

For example: – If you use Google as collaboration tool, you can install the chrome book to users which will remove the local storage.

• Go green
For going green there are tax credits, you can save money by using greener technology as it’s not only about taxes. The money will be saved from other departments.

• Examine your mobile purchasing policy
Manu companies pay mobile bills of their employee’s as they feel their staff members will be on official calls. I recommend you to stop footing the mobile bills for each employee.

• Purchased used equipment
This step is risky. You invest money to purchase something and after a month it fails to respond. And when the situation is you don’t have money/budget to buy the new one you disappoint. At this moment purchasing the used item is a right solution.

• Prioritize spending
Is for fix spending the things you can’t do without. Prioritize the items line by line that you can’t do. Make sure while prioritizing the items you spending money should also be accurate.



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