What are the Factors to be Considered while you Design an App?

You have visualization, stimulation or name for your app, all you need is   to get into details of designing application. This is the situation where the hiccup starts as bolts and nuts of the invention is easier alleged than performed.

In our earlier blog we have discussed the necessary skills required in developer and here you will focus on the key factors to consider before building mobile apps.

We can see the market of today and if compare the mobile app with website- is what it was ten years ago. The surging of iOS or android is forever and it seems that every small or big company has their own mobile apps.  Bing!! This is the fastest solution that leads the profit in market. Further, it avail different features like interaction with distinct clients or new people. By mean of notification or alert message you can let them know about your product or business services you offer. In addition the discounts or offers can also be pushed.

Of course building and designing an app is two different things. UI factor is the one that makes a website or app stand out. According to research I found the exact lines……

“Designing an application is all about management of space. You have restricted space on your screen and how well you manage that is how decent your applications look.”

Without any further delay, let’s get onto the key factors. Here I have listed few points that you should keep in your pocket while designing an app.

Infusing your brand design

Keep your app consistent with known brand whether you are designing the app by yourself or getting it designed.

Tips: –

  • The initial screen that user sees while opening the app is your brand name.
  • It should be clean and beautiful designed.

Multiple platforms and devices

Traditional PCs are windows based with regular size and standard features. The mobile landscape is different and fragmented with various platforms of iOS. BlackBerry, Android or Windows. At the time of designing consider which mobile technology should be choose, which platform to build first or does they require roadmap?

Mobile app or Mobile website

First make your mind what you want a mobile app or a website. Before start figure out what format will suits your requirements.

A/B testing

Before launching your app you need to test on bunch of actual devices, because what works hypothetically does not work empirically.

Tips: –

  • Create an A/B landing page
  • Send traffic to test your page
  • Analyze your end result.

Screen Size

Screen size varies with devices. For instant screen size of HTC incredible is differ from HTC EVO 4G. Design a consistent app that have flexible screen size that feel across all devices. Rethink about navigation and concentrate on immediate functions.

Design for touch

 Designing the touch of mobile is equally important. And at the time of designing think how you hold your mobile phone and where your thumb sits on screen. This is the reason why many main menus are at the bottom. Apps designed with this layout are real “designed for touch” apps.

Follow UI convention

Certain UI elements make a Mac OS X app a Mac app and Windows app a Windows app. Similarly user interface are tailored for mobile apps too. Methods of displaying data and content interaction will make an app easier to pick by users.

CPU/Memory or Battery resources

Many of the mobile devices lack the memory resources or their power consumption is less. Developers need to write an algorithm and try to perform code optimization to support the capacity of device.

Know your audience

Ask yourself- who is audience and what they think when they hold an app in their hands? Identifying the audience at very starting can let you to begin with good design along with functionality.

Your thoughts

What do you think? Share your ideas with us. Imagine you are a designer or developer will consider while designing an app. Let us know your point of view in below comment.







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