What are the Outsourcing Risk and How We Can Avoid them

According to survey outsourcing is best practice where client mainly focus on decreasing the cost without quality loss. Saving the money is not only the reason of outsourcing either you can earn more beyond expectation. The following will discuss the varied outsourcing risks that need to examine in the section of make or acquisition decision: –

  1. Difference in Time Zones

Due to different time zones we are not able to approach our client when they require and sometime we fail to respond their query on time and that only can resolve next day.

You can follow the sun working module to avoid this problem and use agile methodology which is most popular or rapid method of development.

  1. Inadequate Business Analysis

Professional Business Analyst is required in every company and they must be involved at the early stage of project. They can help by saving the time or resources for further development process.

  1. Weak Documentation

The documentation is necessary part and it is roadmap of project too. The detailed document will be more thoughtful and help clients to know you in better way. Make sure all your technical documentation stuff is written in simple language and if any doubt is there don’t hesitate to ask.

Netleon pay much attention on this and bring it close to a business analyst. You follow the general criteria:-

  • Introduction
  • Overall Description
  • Supporting Information
  • Detailed Requirements
  • Assumptions
  1. Quality

Some time because of hurry we may fail in quality but clients first expectation is quality.

To eliminate these risks companies are preparing detail specification of project and contend on quality control inspections.

  1. Risk by Supplier

A risk is involved with every elements of supplier’s arrangement. The international sourcing risks are much higher.

To avoid them supplier need to analyze the likely problems with depth search.

  1. Operational Risk

To mitigate this type of risk first need to understand the whole process of transaction. Or suppliers must understand their role at the time of failure.

Sometimes we only can do our best by using the better resources.

  1. Information Confidentiality Risk

The higher the volume of sensitive data a third party manages. The greater ratio of sensitive information that is handled or managed by third party, the higher the risk of confidentiality will compromised.

To minimize the risk factor the app like payment gateway must be secured and all the information that is mentioned is confidential.

With professional and expert team we can eliminate these kinds of risk and Netleon is capable of going so. Our aim is to satisfy our clients ad for that we put our all efforts.



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