WhatsApp is down and the internet is freaking out

The hot news is whatsapp is down and causing issues for millions across the world. In many places it’s totally not working and in few places its connecting to screen only or can say internet is not the issue.

Today whatsapp is need of every single person; they don’t think their life without. And sudden collapse shocked all of them and for some it was like a nightmare. Anyhow they need it back as they think their life is stop without it.

According to the report the problem started at 1 PM on May-3, 2017. The victim

Countries are Europe, Brazil or large swaths of United States. Users had shared their horror on other social sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Company’s spokesperson shared his opinion in an email that we are trying to resolve the problem as we are aware of the issue. And will inform you shortly.

At the same day 4:58 PM, finally user took a deep breathe- whatsapp is back again. Whatsapp representative apologies for the inconvenience that happen but now everything is fixed and you can use whatsapp like earlier days.





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