Which is Effective- Mobile Site Vs. Mobile Apps.

In tech world, the businessman or common person is gossiping about mobile sites or mobile apps. But the question that comes in everyone mind is from where to start? Or what would be more preferable the mobile apps or mobile sites? What is different between both?

Let me make it very clear, both mobile apps and sites are much similar, only a lighter difference can be there like budget feature, targeted audience and so forth. Both are accessed on handheld devices such as tablets, smartphones etc. But the difference is you can download the app into your phone and can put it for as long you want. In this blog you will get to know the main difference and how they are valuable as per your expectations.

Mobile SiteMobile Apps
Accessed through browsingAccessed after installation is over
Required good internet connectionCan use offline after download
Static or Navigational UIInteractive User Interface
Limited featuresCan have multiple features like location service, camera etc.
Can accessible on any platformDifferent platform requires different apps.
Sites are good extension of brandsApps are also good extension
Updating mobile sites take less than minutesApps require a lengthy process for release or publication
Have less cost and less capabilityHigh cost with high capability
No rule of OS ecosystemUse built-in features and hardware
Difficult to find or useSeveral versions are required
Can search easily on GoogleHas to be searched by name in app store
No one can delete your website as it have long timeIt depends on client, whether it want to delete or not
Is more flexible when we need to updateLess flexibility




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