Which is the Best WordPress Popup Plugin? 

WP Popup Plugin is the most beautiful and easy to create popup plugin to create different pages. Through this we can make more popups of different styles and for different attractive pages.

This plugin is free of cost, open source and is world renowned plugin. This is the superb plugin to make your website beautiful and give it a stunning look.

However, the main goal of every business is to convert the visitors of website into email subscriber and paying customers. Did you know more than 80% of uses will not come back to your website after visiting once unless you offer them a chance to come back. There is what the popup plugin comes in wordpress.

Features of Popup Plugin

  • On the top of plugin you can add the header or heading section.
  • You can add image to the Popup.
  • You are allowed to customize width of Popup Box.
  • According to your choice you can add background color.
  • You can get popup with or without image.
  • You can set the display time of popup box.
  • You can hide popup box on mobile devices.
  • You can add the font size and the color in header section too.
  • You can hide the popup box for logged-in users.
  • You can design the close button.

The Objective

The main aim to use popup plugin is to generate leads and boost your email list subscribers as many of plugins fail to do this work properly because they don’t have the right feature and functionality.

Top 4 Best WordPress Popup Plugin





If we compare all these in aspect to their speed, we will found OptimMoster is the plugin with the fastest speed.


Popup PluginPage Load timeRequestsPage size







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