Why Custom Development App is a First Choice of Business


Imagine an auto dealer proposes Roy to buy a car that pretends to be exact same as cabriolet. Yes, it looks similar but did not have such features. And can say its actually a different car that the dealer was trying to make it same. Of course the cost would also be cheaper and dealer will recommend you to buy this one would you agree??

The same situation if we apply on software products mainly in custom apps (design to provide all essential features you required) or readymade software (design to perform the basic functionality). This is not at all clear when you are tiresome to make an innovative creation which will run closely the way you would like it to.

What is Custom Mobile App Development?

It is designing of applications for a particular user or clients within a group. Such software is intended to deal with their needs exactly as opposite to the conventional and extensive off-the-shelf software.

Netleon Provides

Netleon provides you the precisely software that meets your needs. These types of apps or software are not available in market but we can design the custom apps for you. We provide:-

  • Scalable or flexible architecture that reinforce 24/7 availability of business for all local and international customers.
  • Decrease the risk.
  • Cost effective customized apps that helps association to fill gaps and achieve business objectives.

Advantage of Custom App Development

There are bulk of reasons that why iPhone or Android app development gives profit to business.


Security of data is one main reason for investment in customized applications. And this gets paramount reason when it comes with your personal data and at this time you should use custom approach in development of apps. It meets the needs of OS and APIs. Custom apps are helpful in eliminating the risk of security.


Custom app avail you to be the owner of its own where off-the-shelf won’t allow.  Bespoke app is another name of custom app assist in growing the business. Purchasing a custom app describe the mean of investing in itself.


Often custom apps require more resources to develop or design it, hence it raise high amount of risk. More development time or efforts are required.


Time is disadvantage of custom apps because with prior planning you can get quickly working or running app. Error fixing, redesigning etc. can take more time and it delays the launch time of app.

Relationship with Customers

At the initial stage of development you can track the customer preferences.  Creating relationship with clients is not much easier.


iOS platform offers a great opportunity to glass case your custom app to millions of users. Moreover, iOS recently launched a search Ads which is the easy way to promote your apps on iPhone app stores.



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