Why SEO is Required?

Today technology is increasing day by day and with this modern technology you can let people know about your business. We as Netleon in Jaipur not only deal with android mobile app development but also iOS development, web development or SEO. We understand the needs of clients before starting the development process and our experienced team endeavor to meet all the clients’ requirement.

Here we are going to brief you about SEO- Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of getting traffic from natural, organic or editorial search results on search engine. All search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing have most important search results. It is the practice of increasing the quality or quantity of traffic to your website. In other words SEO is a technique to increase the amount of visitors by attaining the high rank on SERP’s including the popular search engines.

SEO can be done in many ways:-

White Hat SEO

This is the organic approach used by many of the companies to get the high traffic on particular website. White hat is legal technique and accepted by the Google.

Black Hat SEO

This is an illegal approach where the content is copied from other website. There are higher chances or rejection through Google. So only few companies take

Grey Hat SEO

This is the combination of both above SEO techniques.

Why SEO required?

  • SEO is important for website to get higher rank of your website.
  • It is best practice for user experience and usability of website.
  • Good approach for social promotion
  • Website with more than one author can have benefit from search engine optimization in either a direct or indirect way.

An expert is required who can analyze the keywords to promote and take higher rank of your website. The professional person only can give the different ideas of getting traffic on particular website. They know both on-page and off-page techniques. So for what you are looking for approach us promptly.




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