Why use Child Theme in WordPress

To begin with… know what is child theme? A child theme in wordpress is a theme that takes over the functionality from another WordPress theme i.e. the parent theme. Child themes are used when one want to customize an existing wordpress theme without losing the ability to upgrade that theme.

Client of Netleon Technologies ask us which template or theme we are using in wordpress. Our reply is Child Theme. In this article I am going to explain you the concept of child theme with its pros and cons. And I hope after getting through this article you will have a clear understanding of what is child theme in wordpress? How to install child theme in wordpress or what is the role of child and parent theme?

What is a WordPress Child Theme?
A theme that inherits the functionality of other theme or called parent theme. You can add or modify the usefulness of that parent theme without changing it specifically. A parent and child theme concept is introduced to solve problems of updating wordpress theme without losing the custom styling. WordPress themes are not at all good parent themes sometimes and it have child theme for that. A parent theme having limited features or functionality is not an ideal parent theme. If it contains filters and hooks then it is exactly a good theme.

Why to use a Child Theme?
There are a couple reasons why you would need to utilize a tyke topic:

• On the off chance that you adjust a topic straightforwardly and it is refreshed, then your changes might be lost. By utilizing a kid topic you will guarantee that your adjustments are safeguarded.
• Utilizing a tyke topic can accelerate improvement time.
• Utilizing a tyke topic is an awesome approach to find out about WordPress topic improvement.

When to use Child Theme?
Actually it depends on your need but in most cases we use child theme. In situation when project is too critical or complex then we use it as standalone custom wordpress theme. We recommend users to use child theme if they constantly add new functions.

How to create a Child Theme?
A child theme contains two files- styles.css and functions.php or one directory- the theme directory. You can create which you need:-

• The initial step is to create directory child theme.
• The next step is to create style sheet of child themes.
• And the last step is to create function.php file.

There are many advantage of using child theme in wordpress:-

• Safe Updates
• Fallback Safe
• Easy to Extend

Similiarly the disadvantages are:-

• Loose Interest and Abandon.
• More time is needed to learn the concept of Parent Theme.



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