Why you should Update your Smartphone’s Software

Updates are very necessary and your phone requires it gradually. Small updates allow your device to perform optimal at its level. But many users think updating their device may corrupt their software or can harm the essential data.

Software updates helps the device fix small issues and performance level. Although some of the upgrades have been noticed a worsening problem but those are very rare cases and should not take as a yardstick.

So the question is why should update the software of your phone?

And the reasons are:-

  • Stability
  • Hardware Issues
  • Bug Fixes
  • Security

Furthermore, manufacturers never release updates for their older handsets and encourage consumers to upgrade to a new model of device. Older phones are not capable to adopt the new upgraded version of software due to lesser RAM or other resources.

Update have various advantages too like a new version adds amazing features into your phone. It can also improve the battery consumption and Wi-Fi performance will be enhanced too.

After upgrading device:-

  • The layout becomes eye catching
  • The voice to text feature is better
  • Responsiveness of touch increases.
  • The operation handling is better.

If we take an example of Nokia N8 it has being upgraded to Nokia Belle and it has given the functionality to record HD- 720p videos at 30 frames per sec.



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